Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tag and A Spring Photo Challenge

Hello again. :) 
Maiya tagged me in the "Ten reasons I'm excited for the sun to come out" tag. It is such a cute idea Maiya! Thanks for tagging me! 
So the only rule is to put the link of Maiya's blog and mine, then put the picture below on your post. So here it goes!

~the beach~
~running barefoot in the grass~
~Dairy Queen~
~strawberry short cake~
~reading in the hammock~
~more time with family and friends~
~water fights~

I just wanted to tell you all about my photo challenge. I have seen some other bloggers do this and decided to try it out. It's for the springtime. I have already put a selfie of myself on my last post. I recommend doing it today or tomorrow since I have an Easter photo challenge on day 5 and 6. Anyone is invited to do it! Just put the link to my blog when you post about it.
(feel free to share this photo on your blog, just remember to link it back to me)


  1. I am so doing both of these things!!!! :) I love all the questions you did! :)

  2. Thank you so much for joining in Eve! I am definately going to do your photography tag :) So much fun <3



    1. Thanks for following my blog Maiya! Oh and I am so thrilled to see your photos! :)

    2. You're so welcome! I totally thought I had already followed, then realised your posts weren't showing up on my feed! Sorry I didn't follow sooner : \ Yes! I can't wait to start the challenge :D