Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Childhood and a Tag

I see my little sister laughing and playing.
Her eyes are bright and happy, not yet touched by the reality of the world.
 She says she will be a singer/veterinarian/princess and live in England when she grows up.
 Which doesn't sound outrageous by any means to her.
 Life is an exciting adventure and the world, is a place where dreams come true.

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Sometimes I wish I was little again.
I wouldn't have to worry about the future, money, etc.
I could let my imagination soar,
Believe in fairy tales
and believe in the impossible,
I could just live in the moment.

Do you have anything that you miss about being little?
 I decided to do a tag about 5 things I miss about when I was younger.
Feel free to try it out as well.
Just link it back to my blog. :)

I miss...
~how it was so easy to make friends~
~the way that everything seemed so magical~
~playing with the neighborhood kids in our front yard~
~the ice-cream truck (even though it was way over priced)~


  1. SO TRUE! I miss a lot of things about being little! I miss that I didn't have to do school, I miss being thine, etc. I really enjoyed this post it is so wall bone, nice work! :) I love your blog.
    Grace xxx ♥

    1. Thanks Grace! Oh and thank you so much for following! That really means a lot. :)

  2. I especially relate with the friends aspect! Childhood is always wonderful in hindsight :P