Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cool Off Your Summer | Video

Hello, friends. Since the warm days of summer are now upon some of us, I decided to share a video I created last winter to cool off these hot days. I had such a lovely time color grading and editing this video. I do hope you enjoy my short film which features the beauty of winter through my eyes. <3
Winter from Eve S on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

"I dressed in golden light and tucked sunbeams in my hair. "

"The waves roll over the shore to wash down the things of yesterday."
~Cally (Brin Lael)


i. it tastes like
bright orange sherbet
sticky watermelon
juicy corn on the cob
marinaded chicken on the grill

ii. it smells like
chlorine in crowded pools
smeared-on sunscreen
a gentle sweetness in the air

iii. it feels like
the coolness of a creek
the nostalgia of summers that have passed me by
hot sun drying the world with its heat
the salty ocean breeze that tangles my hair

iv. it looks like
fireworks surprising the black sky with color
my footprints in the sand trailing behind me
the blinking fireflies that I watch when the day is done

v. it sounds like
the loud buzz of bees
wind chimes at grandmother's home
large waves crashing onto golden sand
crickets' music lulling me to sleep

Monday, May 15, 2017

New Orleans

Hello, dear friends! As promised, I am sharing my trip to New Orleans with you guys! I went on a cruise with my whole family (uncles, aunts, grandmas, grandpas, and lots of cousins) last fall. The cruise ship was in New Orleans so my family and I spent a few days exploring before heading off to sea. 

The food--oh that spicy, delicious food! I had cajun pasta with alligator sausage, shrimp, and chicken in it. I always order pasta at restaurants so this dish was perfect for me. My mom and dad got gumbo and other traditional cajun dishes for all of us to try. 

We went to a cemetery where those who have passed away are buried above ground in elaborate stone crypts giving it the nickname "Cities of the Dead" because they resemble little houses. It was amazing. Call me crazy, but I find old graveyards so interesting because of the incredible amount of history they have.

Despite the beauty I witnessed in New Orleans, I also saw so many people without homes sleeping on the benches or in the parks throughout each day.  Most of the tourists walked by these people without giving them a second glance as they admired the beautiful architecture and art that surrounded them. Ignoring the fact that there were so many people sleeping in any place they could find because they did not have beds to call their own. I could not do this. I could not look away and carry on with my vacation as if my heart didn't hurt for those people. I took pictures of them as we walked, not for me to publicize or to "poke fun" at them, but for me to remember, and pray for those who have no homes. People who are hurting yet no one seems to notice them. 

I took loads of pictures in Mexico as well, so I'll post them when I have the time.