Sunday, June 19, 2016

New Kittens

Heyyyy, guys. We got KITTENS! Meet Whiskers (the striped one) and Rory (the cream colored one), two delightful creatures we got last week. I named mine Rory after the character from Doctor Who (of course). 
I really wasn't planning on getting another cat since both of my recent cats were hit by cars (because of the road being far too close to our home), but when my little sister got her cat,Whiskers, we soon realized that she was a very social kitty. She always wanted someone to be with her and play with her. So when someone we knew was giving away free kittens, we decided to get another kitten to keep Whiskers company. We brought Whiskers along to help us decide which kitten would play well with her. Many of the kittens were very rambunctious, except for the one who was sitting in the middle of them all looking like a little loaf of bread. Whiskers made her way over to it, put her paw on it and started licking it's little head. We then knew exactly which kitten to get. The owner said it was one of the calmest of the litter, and with that, we took Rory home. 
Even though they do fight (play) and Whiskers is much bigger than Rory, they get along quite nicely. By the end of their first day together they were cuddled up in a little box together as they slept.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Kiddie Pool Fun//Photo Essay

The past few days have been sweltering hot over in our neck of the woods, so cooling off in the kiddie pool was a MUST. My little sisters had a blast!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Playlist

Hi! I'm not dead, guys! I can not believe that I neglected my poor little blog for soooo long. You may have noticed that it has been looking pretty bare for a month or so. Why you ask? Plain and simple, guys: I've been busy. I know, I know --it's a lame excuse, but it is so very true. I went to Tennessee for spring break, worked a lot at the preschool, finished up on my school work, did lots of photo sessions and much much more. I even got my wisdom removed a week or so ago. Which wasn't what I'd call a "fun experience". Even though life has been crazy, I've missed this little blogging world and all the wonderful people here. Hopefully this summer I'll be able to post much more. Thank you for your patience, friends. <3
Well let's hop on over to the main subject of this post, shall we?
Summer. Is. Here. (Okay, well technically it starts on the 20th, but it looks and feels like summer right now, so let's just go with it.;)) Whoa, guys. It completely popped out of no where for me. It feels so odd to be done with high school and to not be working at the preschool because of summer break. The little ones had their end of the year program a few weeks ago and did such a splendid job. There were lots of  "I love you"s and hugs as we said good bye till this fall. I already miss those little sweeties so much!
This is my last summer of freedom you might say, since this fall I'll be working at a preschool and doing college online. I'm going to be a verrryyy busy bee. So I'm definitely going to enjoy having some free time this summer and spending more time with my family as well. What are you looking forward to most this summer?
To celebrate this early summer, I decided to make a playlist inspired by it. Hope you guys enjoy! <3