Saturday, April 23, 2016


spring feels like raindrops 
and looks like broken clouds,
spilling sunlight onto my head
as it paints me golden with its light.
it cools the morning with dew
and whispers in the dancing fields.
it lets the trees grow emerald leaves 
on their once lifeless branches.
the earth starts to burst with colors
that are but strangers to winter.
seeds slowly trust the once cold soil
as they break through the dirt,
 and let their hesitant buds unfold
to soak the sun deep into their leaves
as they drink in its warm, golden rays.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Doing My Own Senior Pictures

Hello!!! It feels rather strange to put together an entire post of pictures of myself. I'm very much used to (and comfortable with) taking pictures of other people, but when it comes to taking pictures of my very un-photogenic self, I'm completely lost. I have so much more respect for those who do self portraits after doing my own. It is really hard. Who would've thought? ;) Getting the focus just right drove me completely insane, and trying to be, you know, in the picture (and not just the top of my head) was more than difficult. 
The first day I set off on my wondrous self portrait adventure, it was soooo unbelievably windy. My hair was a hopeless mess in only seconds, but I powered through it, despite me having to carrying my camera bag, tripod, and having my camera around my neck as I was walking against the wind. I quickly and carefully scurried (now I sound like a mouse or something) down the path to reach the field. Goodness, I must have looked a sight! When I reached my destination, I tried facing against the wind so my hair could achieve that"cool supermodel look" (though I looked more like cousin IT in most of the pictures like that). And of course I had to get the candid shots-- my goodness. I looked like a total weirdo out in the field when I was trying to "fake laugh". I wanted to get an effortless laughing pic like I've seen on Pinterest and such. Eventually I was actually "real laughing" because of how bad I was at "fake laughing". Wow. Just wow.
The second day was MUCH better (thankfully). I got used to focusing manually and used the live view on my camera to see myself in the camera. Since I was a bit more comfortable with doing self portraits, it was a lot more enjoyable. I got to play around with the lighting a little more, and learned how to do vertical images with my tripod's help. 
So without further adieu, here are some of my senior pictures. Hope you like them. <3