Friday, February 5, 2016


I hear it breathing with the wind
letting its icy chill slice through my soul.
I see the trees letting go of the beauty they once held
and the leaves that lay left behind on the ground
growing hard from the ice that coats the land.
I taste winter's iron air
and smell the earthy fragrance of the dead plants
and the vibrant smell of pine.
smoke whispers from my mouth
as I exhale the cold,
like a dragon I breathe.
I run through the forest washed white
and watch the snow dance with the wind
as the faded sun shines through the heavy branches.

Winter shows the dark side of nature
a season of vulnerability
it is stripped from all the beauty it once held
 and left to make sense of the cruel, the cold, the ugly, the broken,
and find beauty in it all.

We stayed in a cabin a month ago when we had our first big snow of the winter. It was sooo beautiful there. <3

Monday, January 18, 2016

like a wildfire you spread
and your bitter words were the spark.
you tried to make me feel afraid
by letting my mind wander in the dark.
 though I don't believe you know
that I have a fire too.
it may look cold from afar
for mine is painted blue.
but do not be deceived, my friend
for its burn is rather sharp. 
it may look harmless in your eyes
but it leaves a lasting mark.
no longer can you sear my soul
nor the singed words you ignite
for the more you feed my azure flame
the brighter shines my glowing light.

a little poem I wrote up a while back. 
 I played around with photoshop to make my photo go along with my poem.
 It was brutally hard (since I barely know a thing about photoshop), but I did it. 
And wasted a full hour figuring out how to turn fire blue. Yay me. ;)
I'm sorry for not doing more real life-y posts lately, but I pink-y-swear I'll make one soon. 
I have quite a few poems just sitting in my overwhelming amount of drafts 
waiting to be shared. So if you like reading my poetry
 (which makes me so very grateful if you do) 
then just let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading
and for being such majestically awesome people. <3
Hope you all have a lovely Martin Luther King Jr. day!

Friday, January 8, 2016

i walk back through the memories
that collected like dew on the grass.
-Adelaide (Down By The Willows)

to love is a choice. so make it count.
-Cally (Words Passing You By)

we are made of stars,
only in the darkest times our best shines through.
-Emily (lost)

there are stains on my skin
from the adventures that we had.
-Jordy (Hidden)

i. it tastes like 
melted milk chocolate
striped peppermint sticks
bitter coffee

ii. it smells like
sugar cookies baking
dried leaves
cinnamon sticks
fresh, new air

iii. it feels like
ice so cold it burns
prickly pine trees toppled with icy snow
chills that rest beneath my bones

iv. it looks like
embers dancing in the wind
mittens protecting little hands
the world washed clean
dragon's smoke slipping from my lips

v. it sounds like
snow boots crunching in thick snow
children yelling with joy
the crackling of burning logs