Wednesday, December 17, 2014


After reading this post by Hannah, who shared her thoughts on how blogging has become more commercialized and impersonalized, I decided to share my view on the matter as well. I feel like bloggers can sometimes become consumed in how much traffic, followers, and stats they're getting. To me, blogging is so much more than that. Blogging is sharing our lives, and stories with others and making new friends from around the world.

It's easy to fall into the mindset that it's all about the popularity our blogs are getting or how many views we get in a day. Sometimes I catch myself wondering why one post got more comments than the other, or why I haven't gotten any new followers lately. But then I remember why I ever even started blogging. I decide to do it simply to share God's love, and to capture the sweet moments of life through photography and writing. 

I remember when I first started my blog about a year ago. I didn't have any followers for a few months, let alone any views. It left me feeling discouraged, because in a way I wanted to know if there was someone out there who was even listening to what I was writing. The teen blogger community on here is so amazing. After awhile, people started to discover my blog, and I met so many kindred spirits. I love how we all support and encourage each other. It really is a beautiful thing. 

It's hard to be ourselves in a sea full of blogs. I find myself trying to conform to the ways other people blog. I've realized that blogging is about originality. We share inspiration, our lives, advice, etc. I love what Hannah mentioned in her post,

"But at the heart of it, blogging is truly about your story. Step outside and breathe in the smell of leaves and remember why you write. Bake with your littles in your kitchen, flour on your face, and remember why you make pictures. Spend a day surrounded by family, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be."

Even though it's nice to get comments and followers, let us not forget the reason we started blogging in the first place.
Be you when you blog.
Because you're awesome and unique.
And no one else has quite a story like yours.

your story || aspire
(Hannah started a project called Your Story awhile back. Although she has stopped blogging, I thought I could share her idea with you guys. It's where you share a post of your photography and write about how your life has been once a week on your blog. The purpose of this project is to be original with what you post, and to share your story with others. I'm gonna do it. Why not give it a try?)

p.s. I did a photoshoot for my sister on her blog. I just adore her style. Here's the link: if you would like to check it out. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Indoor Picnic, Haircuts, Nasty Jellybeans, and More

I feel like I haven't posted about how life has been lately. So I thought I would share a few interesting things that has happened recently. This post is filled with randomness, so be prepared. ;) Hope you enjoy!

Indoor Picnic
{Attempting to do the duck beak thing with Pringles like her sister. Unfortunately it didn't really work out for her. ;)}
First off, let me tell you about our indoor picnic. My little sisters dreadfully wanted to have a picnic outside. Of course that wasn't going to happen since it was freezing outside. So we decided to have an indoor picnic in our living room. I made duck shaped sandwiches (it was actually more fun than I expected), cut up some oranges, and put a little stack of Pringles on their plates. Meanwhile my little sisters searched for a blanket for our lovely picnic. It was a meal fit for a king. ;)

{one of my sisters' haircut}
The second thing was that my younger sisters got their hair chopped off. Okay, well..that sounded dramatic. ;) Their hair was getting very long, and it was so hard for them to brush it. So we went to a hair salon and they got a haircut. They absolutely love their new do! It looks so adorable on them.

Nasty Jellybeans
{I checked off the ones I ate}
We did the Jellybean Challenge at my youth group. It's where you spin a spinner thing, and you have to eat whatever colored jellybean it lands on. The thing is, you have no idea what flavor it will be. It could be a lovely flavor or a horribly nasty one. The skunk spray one actually tasted like the smell when you run over a skunk. O_O I don't know if I'll ever get that taste out of my mouth. The moldy cheese one was awful as well! It was a really fun game but nasty at the same time. :) Also, do you notice the description near the bottom that says 'Naturally and Artificially Flavored'?
 I don't even wanna know... ;)

Camera Name
So I think I've figured out what to name my camera. I know it sounds silly to name it, but I've heard that other photographers do just that, and I thought it would be a cool thing to do. Its name is...Cornelius. It's not for any particular reason. It's just because I like it. It seems like such a heroic, noble name to me.

Well I think that's about it. Hopefully this was an enjoyable (and entertaining ;) ) read. :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Own Little World | Video

 when this world seems to fall apart,
I escape it,
for a while.
I go to my own little world.
Its portal can be found in books,
or just by looking out the window,
simply being lost in thought.
Then I'm there.
Everything is so magical,
I remember coming here everyday as a child.
This world is where my dreams came true 
and where nothing was impossible.
As I've gotten older
 my little world has gotten harder to reach.
But I always manage to find my way back,
My own little world,
called Imagination.

So I decided to try out the video setting on my camera. I love the quality! I put some random video clips together on Windows Movie Maker and made this little video. It was really fun to make so hopefully you all enjoy it. :) I would love to make more videos in the future. 
Video from Eve S on Vimeo.