Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Summer Evening | Video

Here's a little artsy film I videoed a week or so ago. It's a bit choppy and shaky in some areas, but overall I'm happy with the way it has turned out. I've forgotten how fun videography is and hope to create more moving pictures in the future. :) Enjoy!
Watch in HD please. <3

A Summer Evening from Eve S on Vimeo

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Craving the Ocean

breath in
breath out
I'm desperately craving the ocean. My family and I will be visiting a beach in a week or so. I want to breathe in the cool salt air and breathe out all the stress that's bottled up inside. I want to hear the waves roar and build sand castles like I'm a little girl again.
The beach is such a different place compared to where I live. The only thing that slightly resembles a beach is a lake near my home. But the water is waveless, the sand feels more like mud, and trash pollutes the murky waters. So yeah, not your idea of an "ideal beach experience". I am so, so looking forward to vacation! And of course I will definitely be blogging about it. I feel like I've been neglecting my poor lil' blog lately. Last week was just so busybusybusy.
I face painted for our local library's summer carnival last Monday. It was a cold, wet, cloudy day. Perfect weather for a carnival that's celebrating the sunny days of summer.;)
The carnival was superhero themed so I had to somehow teach myself how to make superhero themed face art. I had no idea what to do. Growing up with three little sisters I only knew how to face paint butterflies, hearts, you know, simple stuff. Thank goodness for Youtube. I watched tutorial after tutorial for anything superhero related and finally figured out how to create somewhat decent looking superheroes. 
When Monday arrived I transformed 20+ kids into either Wonderwoman, Batman, Spiderman, or of course Elsa. (She counts as a superhero, right?)
Random fact: I was going to take pictures of my sisters with the superhero face paint on them so the kids at the carnival could choose which face paint they wanted. Well life got busy and I totally forgot about my plan. So what did I do? I did what any normal person would have done. I painted my little sisters' baby dolls' faces so the kids could pick which face design they wanted. Yeah, I'm that cool. ;) 
I also took the SAT on Saturday. Though I was just taking it more for experience rather than for the score (since I'm a sophomore), I was still incredibly afraid. I stressed out over it all week. But I made it through, guys, and I live to tell the tale. I know this post is probably extremely random but that's just how life is sometime (or most of the time in my case).

To complete the utter randomness of this post, here is a random quote I've been loving:

p.s. I'll be uploading a video to vimeo soon! I'll share the video on my blog when it's uploaded.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wildflower Girls

The wildflower girls
live in a land
where it's always summertime
They swim in crystal waters
and sleep in the trees that they climb
They put daisies in their tresses
and wear white cotton dresses
dirt stained at the hem.

They drinks honeysuckle juice
like water
and nature is their muse
They run barefoot
with callused feet from
to many summers
without shoes

And when the stars awaken
they dance and twirl around
They listen to the crickets' melody
and tiptoe gracefully
across the ground
They drink in the cool night air
and whisper goodnight
to creatures everywhere
as they slip into a dreamless sleep

When the sun rises
they watch with wonder in their eyes
All nature is hushed
like a prayer
as they watch the sacred
fire lit sky

They start off on
new adventures
when days are new and young
as they soak in imagination
like we soak in the sun

They see beauty in all
with their rose colored eyes
in the land
where pain is forgotten
and summer never dies

(a poem I wrote on a whim)
p.s. I guest posted for Bonnie