Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Shadows // A Poem

do not be afraid of your shadows,
the things you like to hide,
the skeletons in your closet,
that you fold deep inside.
because your secrets do not define you
if they do not corrupt your soul,
for when you bury the darkest parts of you
they have a way of escaping from their hole.
they come gently with the whispers
and haunt you with their words.
you try burying them deeper into earth
but they scream so they’ll be heard.
but you are not alone, my friend,
for all humans do the same.
they stuff their hurting where no one looks
trying to block out pain.
but what if everyone takes their shadows out
when the sun is shining bright,
for maybe shadows all look the same
when they’re held against the light.

hello, dear friends.
 I hope you all have had a great week so far! 
I spent today at a nearby amusement park with my family. 
It was super fun, but now my legs ache from all the walking we did there.
 (goodness I need to exercise more. ;))
hope you enjoy this is a little poem I wrote a day or so ago. 
I have many more poems, so if you'd like to see more, just let me know. <3
Thank you for stopping by. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Celebrating Freedom

My family and I had our annual Fourth of July party last week. We invited our church friends and family to join us in celebrating the freedom of our country. I spent the evening chatting with friends, holding cute little babies, photographing everything, and eating loads of chips and dip (I could live on that stuff). As the sky drew darker and the summer heat began to cool, we all watched a fireworks show in a field near our backyard. We had such a blast. Here are a few photographs I captured of our little get-together. What did you do to celebrate Independence Day?

Sunday, June 19, 2016

New Kittens

Heyyyy, guys. We got KITTENS! Meet Whiskers (the striped one) and Rory (the cream colored one), two delightful creatures we got last week. I named mine Rory after the character from Doctor Who (of course). 
I really wasn't planning on getting another cat since both of my recent cats were hit by cars (because of the road being far too close to our home), but when my little sister got her cat,Whiskers, we soon realized that she was a very social kitty. She always wanted someone to be with her and play with her. So when someone we knew was giving away free kittens, we decided to get another kitten to keep Whiskers company. We brought Whiskers along to help us decide which kitten would play well with her. Many of the kittens were very rambunctious, except for the one who was sitting in the middle of them all looking like a little loaf of bread. Whiskers made her way over to it, put her paw on it and started licking it's little head. We then knew exactly which kitten to get. The owner said it was one of the calmest of the litter, and with that, we took Rory home. 
Even though they do fight (play) and Whiskers is much bigger than Rory, they get along quite nicely. By the end of their first day together they were cuddled up in a little box together as they slept.