Monday, June 9, 2014

Chapter #3: Uncertainty | C.C.C.W.C. Entry

Hi everyone!
I finished Chapter #3!
I hope you all enjoy it. 
Sorry if it's not very good, but I hope you like it anyways.
What do you think about it so far?

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Chapter 3
Clara awoke in an old bed with crisp white sheets.
She looked around the room she was in. 
There was a window where the stormy light seemed to shine through. 
The paint on the walls and wooden furniture were peeled and worn.
She couldn't hear a thing.
The silence was too loud to bear.

   All of a sudden, she could hear faint footsteps. They grew louder and louder until she could see the shadows of a set of feet under the door. The door screeched opened and a old woman stepped in. She had eyes that twinkled with curiosity, and she had wrinkles like etched memories on her face. She slowly hobbled over to where the girl lay.
In her hands she held a tray with a bowl of porridge and a glass of water. 

"Hello, dear. I see your awake. I brought ya some food if your hungry."

Clara was not in any mood to eat with all that had happened, but to be polite she kindly accepted.
The old woman handed her the tray and sat down on a nearby chair. After taking a  bite of the so-called "porridge" she asked,
"Excuse me, I know this may sound silly but why am I here?" 

"I can't tell you much, deary but I will tell you some of what I know. You see, you are special. You are the Chosen One. The One who will save us all. I can't tell you anymore. Rest dear. You'll need your strength." As the old woman said this, Clara stuck her tongue out on a napkin and tried to remove the disgusting porridge, hoping that the old woman hadn't noticed. After realizing what the woman said, Clara looked at the woman in disbelief. 

"But I can't just rest. I need to know more. Why am I here? Who are you? What do you mean by "Chosen"? Why would..."

"All in good time, child, all in good time. Please just save your strength for now. Oran will tell you more." and with that the woman hobbled out of the door and disappeared. 

   Clara had so many questions whirling around in her head. She was definitely not going to rest. She had to see more of this place even though she wasn't sure where she was. 

  She got out of the bed. As she placed her feet on on the worn hardwood floor she noticed that there were papers everywhere. Drawings of buildings, people, nature. She sat on the paper filled floor and picked up a pencil of the many that were lying around.  She was a bit bored yet was burning with anticipation. She found a blank piece of paper and began to draw. 
   She tried to remember something from her past but she couldn't. The only think that wasn't locked or blurred in her mind, was her dream. She drew the raven black sky, and tiny specks of people flooded the the lower part of the paper. She then drew the light. The burned through the blackness.

   When she was done she looked out the window. The sky was a whitish gray, the way it looked when a storm was coming. There were some buildings outside but all were old and looked like they would crumbled at any second. 
   Her curiosity could not keep tame any longer. She had to know where she was, who she was. She opened the window and climbed out. She walked away from the old house and began to explore her new surroundings. She then noticed that she was barefoot and was wearing pajamas but it wasn't like anyone was going to see her. It was like a ghost town. She looked around in search of finding something familiar.

"Boo." a familiar chilling voice said. It made her jump with fright and she screamed.

When she turned around she could see that it was Oran. 

"Oh, it's you." she said coldly.

"I see you've been exploring. Anything look familiar to you?" Oran asked.

Clara shook her head. Everything looked ancient, why would it look familiar to her?

"Figures. I thought it may look a bit the same. But I guess age has changed it dramatically."

"What do you mean?" Clara asked.

"This is the place you were at before you woke up. In that dream world of yours. It may be old and falling apart, but if you look closely you can see it's young beauty. Everything was beautiful then, Clara. 
People took all their freedom for granted. The year 2014 was just so long ago. We had to hide you there. Well, your mind anyways. We had to keep you asleep. Because if you awoke, they would find you... and well... kill you. You were are last hope Clara, our only light in the darkness. You.." 

Oran noticed that Clara was turning pale and gasping for air.

Oran quickly helped her sit down on the dead grass.

"Are you alright?" he asked. "I'm sorry, I told you too much. There's not much time and.."

"It's okay, Oran. I forgot how to breathe." she said sarcastically with a smile.

Oran smiled back. 

"Please, Oran. I need to know everything. Why did you say that 2014 was so long ago? That's this year! Who wants to kill me? Why.."

" Let me start from the beginning, Clara. You will never understand unless you hear the whole thing through." Oran said calmly. 

Oran's words became a picture in her mind. The story was coming to life.
A baby was born through the coal black night. 
Her parents knew she was in danger as they already were.
 They were the leaders of the land.
 She was the last of her kind.
She was the Chosen One.
She was powerful.
 She had to be sent away, faraway, where no one would find her.
 She was sent to a town, that had been deserted for decades. 
She was sent into an eternal sleep never to wake until she was 16.
she lived in the past in her mind.
A place that was not yet a world of hopelessness.
A world she could have a family,
an ordinary life.
She lived in her mind as she slept in an old room, in an old house.
As she slept,
chaos was a brew in the world she had not known of. 
One day,
she was called
Times were urgent,
and the world was falling apart.
It was up to a girl.
To save the helpless people.
To save the world.

Clara could hardy breathe.
What did he mean by powerful?
Was he referring to something like what happened at the classroom?
If this was the life she was born into,
she didn't want any part of it.
What was she going to do?
Uncertainty was in the air...
and inside of the not-so-average girl.


  1. I have tagged you to do the warm hugs tag!

  2. That was great. Thrilling and it aroused my curiosity to see where this goes. Great job.
    My chapter three is up, but I am really struggling to accept that I wrote it, because I wouldn't like to think that that is what I write's really boring, and just really not a good writing piece.

    1. Thanks Tane! Your comments are always so sweet. I read yours! It was great! I actually envy your writing skills. It's always breath taking. :)

  3. Amazing! I'm about to read chapter 4 now!

    Soph <3