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Chapter #2 : Awakened | C.C.C.W.C.

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Chapter 2
Everyone was running away.
Fear was written on every person's face.
But were they really running away..
or were they running to something.
A gleam a light glimmered in the coal black darkness.
The herd of people ran to it.
The end was near.
The light was their only hope.

   Clara woke up on the dewy grass in a small forest. "Only a dream." she said quietly.
It felt so real. She was afraid to go to sleep. That meant the dream would creep through her slumber and was dream that would never end.
    It was early morning. Fog hovered over the sky like a blanket. The air was cool. She shivered from the dew still wet on her clothes as the bitter wind blew.
   She stood up and was about to start walking, but she heard the voice (from the classroom) once again behind her. "Clara." She quickly turned as saw a boy about her age. His  green eyes were beyond his years and had hair the color of midnight.

"Who are you?" Clara asked nervously.
My name is Oran, Oran Lachlan."
"Oh.. well I'm.."
"I already know who you are." Oran replied.
"Umm... okay. For starters, how do you know me? I've never seen you before in my life!" Clara said, who was obviously astonished.
Oran smiled smugly and calmly answered, " I am here to help you and make sure no harm comes to you on your journey."
"Who would want to hurt me? I'm just an ordinary girl, and why am I on a journey? I should go home right now. My parents would be..."
 Her parents.
She thought for a moment on this subject. Her parents. They were good people she thought. She couldn't remember what their names were.."
   She couldn't remember them at all. Did she have brothers or sisters or even a dog? She searched her mind hoping to find some memory of a family.
 But she could remember nothing.
   Oran, who noticed her stuck on this subject, calmly told her the truth.
"Clara, I must tell you something of great importance. Please listen and do not be afraid of what I'm about to say."
Clara was on the verge of tears and slowly nodded and prepared herself for the worst.

"Your parents, your home, your life, everything is a lie. None of it exist. I am sorry for the inconvenience that we caused you but it was necessary. We needed to know whether or not you were ready."

Clara looked at him in shock. "What do you mean "a lie"? It is real! I have friends, family, a life here. Don't tell me it's not real! why would you say such a thing? What do you mean by "ready"? Just go! " Clara spoke these words all in one breath.
   Oran looked at her in an annoyed expression.
"You ask too many questions which I really don't have time for. I will tell you this; the dreams you've been having are true. They are the key to your future. You must wake up from this deep sleep Clara. You can never face your true destiny if you live in this dream world."

She tried once more to remember her life.

What was my mother like? Was she the kind of mother who was always busy or was she the type of mother who made time for her child? Did she play games and color with crayons with her when she was little? Was she shy around people or was she a social butterfly? Was she like her? What was her father like? Where did he work, what fun things did they do together?  Her thoughts replayed inside her mind.

Oran, who could obviously see she was upset, said in a hushed voice, "Clara, I know all this must seem rather strange to you, but please keep calm. We don't have much time. It is time for you to wake up. Close your eyes and return to the life fate has chosen for you."

Clara slowly closed her eyes.
The world around her began to disappear.
As if the fog was erasing the life she once had.
She opened her eyes.
She was finally awake. 
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