Tuesday, June 3, 2014

C.C.C.W.C. Entry

Clara said under her breathe as she walked on the sidewalk.
"What's wrong with me?"
The rain had just stopped but the wetness still could be seen everywhere.
She walked quickly with her head held high. She was afraid. But she couldn't let fear hold her back. She could hardly breathe.
 Her cheeks were red from the cool chill of autumn and the sky was like a blank canvas. Every noise made her heart skip a beat but somehow she kept moving forward, trying to remember what had even happened that very day. 

She knew she went to her average high school like she always did but something strange had happened. Something not so average. 

She was sitting at her desk. Trying hard to listen to Mr. Smith but something or someone called her name. "Clara." the chilling, nonhuman voice seemed to whisper in her ear. It was so close that she could feel its breathe on her face. Her face went white as snow and time seemed to stop. Everything was in slow motion.
Except her. 

She could see the rain pouring outside when it had just been sunny a second before.
Her heart was beating so fast that she thought she would burst, but instead she suddenly felt relief. Something inside of her was unleashed. 
Something that could save the world or tear it apart, but the 16 year old girl didn't know this. 

Everything began to be at a normal speed and the rain stopped as if nothing unusual had even happened.  She had unleashed something deep inside of her that would change everything.
And there she was, walking on the wet sidewalk, being led by an unknown force.
as her red boots went
clip, clump,
clip, clump.
She walked further and further, knowing that whatever had happened in the classroom happened because of her. She was afraid, very afraid. 

Wanna do it too?


  1. Nice! I like it! It's eerie and cool. Like something is gonna pop out at you. :D

    1. Thank you Joy. :) I didn't want to stick to just one subject like mystery, horror, fantasy or romance. I wanted to have bits and pieces of different genres so no one will know what to expect next.

  2. Oh my. This is too beautiful. :)

  3. Amazing! I love it! The only thing I would suggest is maybe make your next chapter just a bit longer? But it's up to you. :) it's amazing! I can't wait to see what happens next!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I will probably make it longer the next time. I just wanted to get the basic story so whatever picture or rule you choose next, there will be endless possibility in the story.

  4. Oh, and next could you please include the Chapter Challenge picture. (The one that says what you have to include for that chapter) thanks! :)

  5. Amazing! I love the scary, suspenseful theme. Excellent, I love it!