Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Spring Break Adventure

 I apologize for not posting for a while. I decided to treat you to a nice long post that is full of photos I took. 
Since it was Spring Break this week, my family and I went on a little adventure! It was so fun!

Sorry if my photos take a while to load. I put a lot on here. 


Birds of All Kinds

We got to feed lorekeets! It was so fun!

This lorekeet is on my sister's head! ;D

This is me feeding this colorful bird. :)
A parrot.

This is a kookaburra.

This bird is hilarious! It sounds like it's laughing!!!
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       Kangaroos and Other Mammals

We got to pet kangaroos! Their fur was the softest fur I've ever felt. They were so adorable! The one below is named Amelia (I absolutely love that name since I've watched Doctor Who). She was so sweet! Now I really want a kangaroo... and a kookaburra! ;D

The animal below is a dingo.
 Here is a ring-tailed lemur.
They were so cute but a little mischievous. Take a look at this little lemur's hands. Don't they kind of look like human (but very hairy) hands and fingers? 
A lovely bison!
Here is a donkey with a couple of random llamas in the background.  
I got to milk a cow! It may not be a big deal to someone who does it a lot, but it was really cool!
(the picture below is of the cow I milked)

Here is some Ale8 (soda) I got on our trip.
We went on a ski lift and enjoyed the warm weather and the beautiful scenery.


A salamander.

A bat we found in a cave.

 {all photos and videos are owned by me}


  1. Those animals are so neat! If you don't mind me asking, what state/country do you live in? :) I have never seen a kangaroo in real life before but want too. :)
    And that's also cool that you got to milk a cow!! We have a milk cow - Dolly. She's a Guernsey and gives about 2 gallons a day, and my two older sisters milk her twice a day. I usually have to do at least 3 times a week since one of them sometimes has something else planned. What was the name of the cow you milked? It looks like a Jersey. :)


  2. Kookaburra's are the best! All of that sounds so fun! :)