Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hello Seventeen

^Photos from recent photo sessions^

I'm officially seventeen now. My birthday was on the 28th of October. It always feels strange when the time comes to turn another year older. I always feel like I don't quite fit in to my new age. As if it's a few sizes too big, and I simply have to patiently wait in order to grow into it. For my birthday, my family and I went out to eat at my favorite restaurant (Red Lobster), where I ate soo much that I felt like I was going to burst at any moment. After we ate, we went to a camera shop and I got to try on some lenses and I tried out my dream camera: Canon 5d Mark III!! I felt like a kid in a candy store. ;) After that we went to my favorite book store and ended the celebration with some fro-yo.

"Year 16" was a good year for me (it's not like I was sixteen a week ago or anything ;)), and I finally feel like, for now, I'm right where I need to be. For me, my sixteenth year of life was a time of discovering who I truly am, what I want to do, and who I want to be. As a salute to that fine year of living, I'm going to list some of the things I've done that I never thought I could.

1. I bought my first "professional" camera.
2. I started a business that I'm passionate about.
3. I found out who my true friends are and discovered the ones, who, in truth, never were.
4. I discovered that driving isn't as scary as it seems (sometimes) and am working on getting my licence. Ahhhh!
5. I pushed myself to be more brave and opened to God's decisions in my life. 
6. I've shot three weddings so far this year and am going to shoot another next week!
7. I've fallen more and more in love with photography everyday and have learned a lot throughout the year. It has become more than just a hobby of mine but a way to document the beauty of precious moments throughout the chaos of my life.

I've heard that there are some people who start off each New Year with a word that they try to follow throughout the year. It could be hope, loyalty, etc. Instead of doing this when the new year begins, I thought I could do it whenever I turn a year older. For my 17th year of life I chose the word courage. It is a trait that I desperately lack, though I'm trying really hard to have more courage in what I do. To me, courage is not that I'm tossing all my fears away and being some sort of fearless hero, but rather I'm accepting my (many) fears yet not letting them drag me down. To be frank, I'm tired of letting my fears boss me around, and I want to let go of all the worries that buzz in my mind. I want to live my life with courage in my heart and in the words I speak. Most of all, I want to have the courage to serve the Lord and follow him wherever he leads--without looking back once. I'm scared but I'm also extremely excited to see what God has in store for my seventeenth year.
I may not be ready for what lies ahead, but God is.
And knowing that overwhelming fact is enough for me to believe, trust, and have courage in the author whose been writing my story all along.

Ta ta for now, my friends!
Thank you for reading. <3


  1. Happy birthday! Seems like you ha a great birthday! You are completely right about not fitting into your new age at first but the time will come where you realize that this is how it feels to be 17. Maybe 17 will look different for you than it does for others but that's good! I'm sure you can mange courage. (: Make sure to change your about "16 going on 17"

  2. Happy belated birthday, Eve. I'm glad 'year 16' was a good one for you, and I hope your seventeenth will be nice as well.

    I continue to be amazed by your photographs... stunning, really!

    x Yasmine

  3. Congratulations on making it this far in life, hun. ;)

  4. Happy late birthday! I love to hear your accomplishments from last year and goals for this year! Hope you have a great 17th year! 17 was my favorite age!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!! Ooo, camera shops!! Sounds like it was such an enjoyable day!

  6. Happy Birthday Eve!! And those pictures are beautiful!

  7. ooh, that sounds like an epic camera. Happy birthday, Eve! <3 <3

  8. Happy birthday, Eve! Hope you had a lovely day!
    Gorgeous photos as always. :)

    Sophia //

  9. Happy belated birthday, Eve!
    It sounds as though you had a lovely time. If you decide to keep your blog it will be interesting to see you grow throughout the years, and see how your interests and thoughts change. <3

  10. This makes me so happy! I love how your word for the year is "courage". I let fears and worry control my life way too much, so I'll be praying that God will really work in your 17th year in growing you in that area :)

  11. Happy belated birthday lovely! Wow, you are a very successful 17 year old, I'm sure you'll accomplish much more this year!

    a little bit of sunshine <3

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. <333333
    hope this year is the best yet!
    thanks for being you xx
    ps. enormous congratulations on shooting 3 weddings before turning 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti*

  13. I am so glad that your sixteenth year was a good one! You should be so proud of all that you've accomplished!

  14. Happy Birthday, Eve! <3
    I'm sending loads of love your way. Make sure to breath a little this year. Life can get stressful. ;)
    ~ Sanjana

  15. Happy 17th birthday! I hope seventeen is even better than sixteen for you! And considering that "courage" is the word you picked, I'm sure it will be! I did that too actually- selected a motto on my birthday to carry throughout the next year. It's already helped me.

    And, I don't know how I've avoided following you! Going to join right now. :)

  16. HAPPY HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY! My Dad's birthday in Oct. 28th as well!

    I am so excited for you! The words that you wrote here inspired and encouraged me to look to Jesus and not my present challenges. "I may not be ready for what lies ahead, but God is." This spoke to my heart and brought clarity to my eyes straining to see an uncertain future in the hands of a known God!

    Thank-you. And happy birthday again!

    Hannah from