Saturday, October 10, 2015

Random Thoughts Pieced Together

Hi! Can you even believe it's October?! It makes me beyond happy that my favorite month is here!
The weather was so lovely last week. It was around 50 degrees out! But for some awful reason it's been in the 80s all this week, (ugh, Indiana weather!) though today it feels amazing out! Despite the hotness and humidity, I've been wearing jeans and sweaters all week. I guess it's my way of retaliating against summer who has been impolitely overstaying its welcome.
My birthday is at the end of this month. I will be...seventeen. It's a frighting age I think. I didn't feel like turning sixteen was a big deal when I was fifteen, but seventeen seems so much older for some reason --another year closer to being an adult. Yikes! Let us not dwell on such things. ;)

I'm photographing a wedding today. And I'm..well.. you know, SCARED TO DEATH. I've been staying up late looking up pose ideas and many, many, many posts on how to be a more confident photographer. Prayers would be so much appreciated! <3 But you know, I hope bet it will all turn out okay, because no one ever got anywhere by worrying, did they? 

p.s. The pictures below are from last week when my mom, sisters and I took advantage of the amazing weather by going on a walk. We met a lovely stranger cat along the way, and my sisters gave it plenty of hugs and pets. Though by the end of it, the cat was too overwhelmed by their love that it ran dramatically off into the distance.


  1. Your sister is the most incredibly adorable little thing *exploads from the cuteness*
    You will do amazing, Eve! <3
    IN THE 50's!! In Southern California its been like in the 100's and I'm melting, lol.

  2. You'll do just fine Eve, those people are so lucky to have such an amazing photographer like you <3

    And gorgeous photos, your sister is adorable!


  3. I love october too. On halloween I'll be 14... Yikes is right. Being 13 was a big deal of course, but 14 means I really am a teen. (Sorry if that sounded weird.)
    "I'm so glad we live in a world with octobers"
    ~Anne of Green Gables
    Good luck on the wedding, but I'm sure you'll do amazing and the photos will be lovely, as usual. <3

    xx Emily

  4. Oooh! Photos please! Seriously, as a bride myself - I put all faith in my photographer. If YOU feel a lack of confidence with poses and what not, just remember that the couple is probably 12 times more freaked out than you are (and know about zilch when it comes to photos and "natural" posing!) So don't worry, you'll do fantastic, I'm sure!!

  5. So cute! You'll do great, you're ultra talented.

  6. Awesomesaucetastic! I love October too, by the way, and got to see the lovely aspens all turned to gold today. Breathtakingly beautiful.

  7. Lovely photos! I absolutely adore your new blog design, Eve ❤ I'm sure you did a wonderful job photographing your wedding. :)

    -caroline @

  8. These are adorable photos! Gee I wish it was cold enough to wear coats and gloves but urgh it's coming into summer. :(
    Well I like the weather now but when it gets to 45 degrees c. That's not fun..
    Good luck with the wedding!

  9. Oh my! These pictures are gorgeous!! <3 I'm so sure the wedding pictures will be perfect!


  10. I understand the frustration of fall weather even more than an Indiana girl, because I live in the deep South, where we don't comprehend what a real winter looks like and finally accept that fall weather doesn't come until around late October, although we have had some delightful days recently! And I know that you will capture the memories of the wedding wonderfully!

    I love the pictures! This reminds me so much of my own family! "[T]he cat was too overwhelmed by their love that it ran dramatically off into the distance." Hehehe!

    Hannah from ~Grace in Everything~

  11. Wow! SUCH beautiful pictures. :) I hope to see the wedding photos you took--I'm sure you did great!

  12. Squeeeee! I love those pictures. I LOVE YOU. And I know you did wonderfully at the wedding...I believe you are incapable of failure. ♥♥♥

  13. I love your new design! I am sure you did great with the wedding photo shoot!

  14. SO SO cute! These pictures are stunning! Loving the design too :)

  15. A few of my own random thoughts as a comment:
    These are lovely. Like so very much.
    Seventeen was my favorite age. It was just so incredibly radical and sometimes I want to go back. Not an adult yet with those responsibilities, but not really a kid yet. Grown up but not quite. It was amazing and I wish you the best.
    I know I'm late (hehe busy life please forgive) but I'm sure the wedding went awesome. Every day is a learning experience, and everyday is sweet.

  16. I hope the wedding photography went on well!! (but of course, you're an awesome photographer so i'm pretty sure it would have been fantastic <3)

    i turn eighteen today (OCTOBER BABIES UNITE), and i totally understand the freaking out nearing adulthood thingamajig. it's scaring me a little, but well, i'm glad that we grow up so we can always remember to treasure the memories that matter.

    gorgeous photos, by the way <3<3

  17. Beautiful pictures in this post! And I hope your wedding photography went well!
    Enjoy 17! It was my favorite age--old enough to get the respect due to an adult and young enough to not be given the responsibility of an adult! :)

  18. I know that you'll do great with the wedding photos! You're sister is adorable!

  19. When was your birthday, Eve? Mine was on the 29th of October. :) Maybe we share a birthday!
    Summer has been overstaying its welcome here in Germany, too, but it's slowly getting colder. I love winter the most, and usually we have a very early one, although this year it's undoubtedly less so. We completely skipped autumn!

    Love these photographs, too. I've had my eyes on a good DSLR lately so I'll be less embarrassed about sharing my photographs on my blog. I'm sure you were an amazing wedding photographer, and if not, there's always a chance to try again.

    x Yasmine
    By the way, Eve, you were a follower of my old blog, but since I changed URL my GFC widget has been malfunctioning. If you still want to follow me, you're welcome to. I think if you unfollow and refollow that should do the trick and you'll be receiving my posts again in the Blogger dashboard. You can find the new blog here. I'd love to see you there! :)

  20. How did the wedding go? I bet the pictures look amazing!

    Happy 17th birthday!! What day was it?

    ♥ Beth ♥

    P.S I've started a new blog; if you would like to take a look :)

  21. I love your photographs so much! Happy late 17th birthday :)

  22. Thanks for the follow :)
    ♥ Beth ♥