Thursday, August 6, 2015

Aspiring Bloggers 04: Olivia

Hey everyone! I haven't done an "Aspiring Bloggers"post for a long while, so I thought I would share the interview I did with Olivia. 
Hey Olivia! Could you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
Sure! I'm Olivia (as you already know), a 15-(*panics, at the disco*)-year-old Marvel-lover, Netflix-watcher, and popcorn-over-eater (wow, that was a lot of dashed words). Life as a Young Lady is where I post life rants, all-caps fangirl posts, and some of the best Spotify playlists you will ever hear (and I'm not just saying so myself).

Why did you decide to start a blog?
In August 2013 I started Life as a Young Lady, prompted by a school assignment. I originally created a blog--with a horribly embarrassing title which I can't even bear to share--on WordPress but, annoyed by the restriction on design, I moved to Blogger. And I'm happy I did.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? 
I actually don't like ice cream. Or I guess I don't not like it, but I just don't particularly like it. Did that make sense? That didn't make sense. Oh, well.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? 
Aside from you, I love Sarah at A Free Mind's blog--we have a lot in common in music tastes and fandoms. Kelsey at Empty Boxes is just sort of randomly hilarious but at the same time honest and full of feels. Dian at The Happy Candle does beautiful hand lettering work and always has sweet words for everyone. Nicole from Self Known is simply a coding genius. And of course I enjoy fellow fangirls MorningTime4 (The Ups and Downs of My Not-So-Average Life), Rcubed (Random Rants by Rcubed), Jo (The Bearable Blog), and Noor (A Little Bit of Sunshine).

Who is one person through history that you would want to chat with?
 I think besides Jesus (just thinking about that opportunity blows my mind ohmygoodness) I think women like Harriet Tubman or Sojourner Truth, who helped fight slavery and were strong independent women, would be really great to chat with and glean wisdom from.

What's your all-time favorite book? 
Besides the Bible, I'd have to say the entire Hunger Games series will stick with me forever.

What are two of your favorite colors? 
That's a perfect question, as I really only have two favorite colors but it's difficult to just pick one when someone asks

 IF you could meet one fictional character, who would to meet? 
Wow, there are so many. I think either Rue or Cinder. Loved Rue's depiction in both the book and the movie and I think she'd be really sweet to talk to.

What is a song you never get tired of hearing? 
Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots is just so soothing to me for some reason. I'll also never get sick of Birdy's cover of Skinny Love.

If you could be the author of one of your favorite books, which would it be and why? 
Divergent isn't one of my faves because I don't like how the whole series ended--I feel like Veronica Roth took the easy way out. I'd author it so that it ended properly, and all the dedicated readers were rewarded something for sticking through that series, because although it was just three books, those books were thick.


  1. She didn't even tell us her two favourite colours!!!!!

    1. I know! *cringe* I can be such a derp sometimes haha. Just commented the colors down below ^^

  2. I love fangirling with you too, Olivia! We need to talk about the movie adaptions of The Maze Runner and Mockingjay: Part 1 because I have super squabbly feelings and it's not okay to let the fangirl feelings in.

    xoxo Morning

    P.S. I feel you about another a failed blog. I had another one before I had my current blog... it's real hard to find unless people go swimming through Google's search engine. XD Super cringe-worthiness by my eleven-year-old self.

    1. Fangirl buddies! ^^ Yesss, I need to talk about that with you too because I'm seriously about to bust. That rant-y post I made on my blog about those movies was not enough. Also, same about the old blog; with my first one I was 13 and it showed :P

  3. I just realized I didn't finish the answer to the two favorite colors ohmygoodness! Yet another display of my derp-ness. Well, for anyone who was wondering, my faves are pastel pink and mint green (still can't get over the fact that I didn't even finish my answer gah >_< I really should've proofread)

    Anyway, besides that little moment of derp, this was a nice post! I'll be posting your interview soon, Eve :)

  4. Cute interview! I followed her blog <3

  5. This is one of the most entertaining and interesting interviews I ever read! I don't know about everyone else but I had FUN reading this, thanks gals.
    (Veronica Roth "taking the easy way out" is such a perfect way of putting it. If you ever do rewrite it, please let us know so that we can be properly rewarded for our dedication #thosebooksWEREthick)

  6. Awesome interview! *hi-fives because of marvel + popcorn*

  7. Such a lovely interview! O is such an awesome person/fangirl. :) I love your blog design by the way!

    xx Mackenzie

  8. What a wonderful interview! I think Eve's questions were brilliant, and Olivia's answers were oh-so witty and great. ;) Such a great time!
    ~ Sanjana

  9. This is such a great interview! I'm so glad I'm back and I've honestly missed reading your posts so much :) xx

  10. Hello, Eve! I just stumbled upon your blog as I was blog-hopping around, and I must say, I think I'm sort of in love with it. It's so pink and quaint and lovely. <3 def. following, girly! :)