Monday, April 13, 2015

Tomorrow will be a new day. The sun will come up slowly, as it always does. And the world will wake up all at once, cold and crisp. 
-Adelaide (Down By The Willows) 
It is time to let go, darling, and let your soul fly.
I think perhaps my favorite quality of Earth is the diversity. No matter where I wander or where I end up, I am sure to discover something unique.
-Rachelle (Beloved Bluebird)
Live your life with eyes wide open.
Youth is like sand
It's slipping through my fingers so fast
I can do nothing but watch.
-Jordy (Hidden)

i. it tastes like 
honeysuckle dew drops
scarlet raspberries 
pink lemonade

ii. it smells like
freshly mown grass
greek oregano
soil ready for growth
warm sticky honey
lemon verbena 

iii. it feels like
wet pavement on rainy afternoons
soft dainty petals
moist earth under bare feet

iv. it looks like
butterfly wings
cotton candy skies
blue waters
flow-y skirts
oceans of wildflowers

v. it sounds like
children giggling
a bird's song
the rustle of emerald leaves


  1. Your photos are beautiful! :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I love the quotes you used as well. :)

  3. Beautiful, Eve. ( As always. )

  4. Oh, my goodness! You quoted me *wipes away a waterfall of tears*
    This post is beautiful, Eve!
    Honestly, your photography is such an inspiration- I hope to one day be so good! <3

    1. Of course I quoted you! Your writing is beautiful -I can't help but share it! <3
      Thank you, Jordy! I've seen your photography and WOW, it's absolutely gorgeous. I like how it's simple yet vibrant at the same time. I don't know how you manage that, but it truly is amazing. <3

  5. This is exquisite! The pictures, quotes, and poem give me new wondering for springtime!

  6. I LOVE this post. I especially love how you added the words of other people, and then added your own beautiful words.
    Pictures are so beautiful, too <3

    1. Thanks soooo much, Lauren! I am literally blushing right now from your sweet complements. :D Thank you again for always encouraging me. <3

  7. This was so awesome! I love how you quoted other bloggers, they're some of the best =)

  8. I loved how you quoted many others... Goodness, this was a fine post.

    xoxo Morning

  9. So beautiful Eve (as usual!!!)...I love the quotes from other blogs and your photography is amazing!



  10. Beautiful photos and the poem, ugh, gives me the feels! Defines spring to the point.


  11. This is so lovely. Such a creative idea; I love it! xx.

  12. I got these tears in my eyes and a laugh in my heart and wow. You are a gift, and always will be. ♥


  13. i can't even handle this post right now i've read it over and over so many times and each time every corner of every photograph and every word of every quote (even mine which isn't even really mine its from a song and i still have to remind myself of that) strikes me differently and deeply every time. i'm at a loss because not only is this what i really really really need right now, it's also the best thing in general for spring and i wish this were viral or something and millions of people would see it.

  14. This so cool and creative. Lovely. :)