Monday, May 26, 2014

Update| Video

So I just updated the design on my design blog. You can check it out if you want! 

Anyways I've decided to do a writing contest/blog party when I get 30 follower. :)
I thought that would be fun and exciting. 
Sorry for this super quick post, but it's getting late.
Here's a song from Tangled that I adore.
It reminds of a sorta lullaby. Absolutely beautiful.
Good night!


  1. Hi Eve!
    Ooh! I really like your design for your design blog, I like the colors. :) I had an idea for you, with your design blog. What if you made designs, and had "ready made" designs! You would just change the blog banner. Then people would know what they would get, and it would take less time for you, you could just "transfer" them over. :) Then, after someone ordered it, you could just delete it and make more. So, people wouldn't have the same design! :) And you could keep it, so show what you made, just not as an option. You could make something like it if someone wanted it. :) You could also get an idea of what people like. :) Well, it was just an idea that I had. :)
    In Jesus' name,
    Sarah Margaret♥

  2. The plan for a "blog party" sounds fun! And you have 30 followers now! :)

    1. I know! I'm going to post about it soon!

  3. I love that song! It is totally amazing:)