Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Joys of Antiquing

antique stores are always full of adventure and surprises:

 I met an ancient doll who moved slightly as I snapped a photo
 (I'm hoping that was just a weird coincidence)

heard random knocking on the third floor of an old antique building 
(again, quite odd. knocking is not a normal occurrence on third floors you know)

saw a sign of a very moody boy who wanted chocolate rather badly apparently

noticed a stuffed panda who looked as if he hadn't slept in years
(perfect representation of how I felt on the last day of teaching before winter break)

found ever so many photographs of stories waiting to be told. 

if you haven't gone antiquing in a while, or ever, I highly recommend doing so. 
you never know what you might find. <3

merry Christmas eve eve!


  1. laughing sm. i love your posts so much more than i can say. xxxx that boy who wants the chocolate represents how i feel about it as well. also the bear. yep, v relatable. xx

    1. also did u change the theme up a bit??? i'm liking it.

    2. thank you, dear! my sister and I were laughing so much because of all the interesting things we saw. :) I've been using my phone more for photos since I have no time to lug around my camera everywhere with my busy schedule. ah, it's so much easier to post now! <3

  2. Your aesthetic is SO lovely and I haven't been antiquing in a hot minute so this was a glorious read. :) The crying chocolate boy had me in stitches and I loved the panda!

  3. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL. I adore antiques but I haven't gone antiquing in a while. Beautiful! You made me miss it so much. <3

    1. it is so fun, isn't it? it is by far my favorite thing to do. <3 <3 <3

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