Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Many Colors of Toxic: Blue 01

Like flower petals, he falls
Oh how he makes me blue.
I try to be his strength 
While on death he’ll always chew.
He’s like forget-me-nots
Whose soul can be the sky,
Laughing one minute
Until the waves reach the tide.
Then he is the broken man
As he drowns me in his tears,
Leaving me with the taste of salt
As it burns on my opened fears.
He tells me I’m his gardener
That without me, he’ll wilt
As I try to walk away from him
He pulls me back with guilt.
My fingers are stained with all
The blueberry mistakes that rot.
His ocean eyes are too unsteady
As he reminds me to forget-him-not.

I decided to create a poetry series that surrounds the subject of toxic relationships. Why? Honestly, I have no idea. I have created many of these color poems in one sitting and each poem explains a different aspect of a toxic relationship. I have not a clue where they came from but I know I need to share them with you. When you are in a relationship that is toxic it is difficult to see the warning signs. Perhaps he doesn't hit you, but he hurts you emotionally. Maybe he's really sweet but his jealousy frightens you. Perhaps he's a great guy, but his mental state is always negative. Poison hides effortlessly in relationships. It masks itself as anxiety and fear so you don't acknowledge the severity of its power. Perhaps this poem and the others I will share later will show girls the signs of a toxic relationship so that they can avoid it.



    also whatho these words were so amazing. thank you for sharing this. there are so many girls out there who need to hear this <3

  2. OH BLESS. i died at the last bit sob
    this is so important !!! thank you for sharing it with us (also the pictures are heckin pretty hurhur)