Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Big Spring Sale On Blog Designs

So I have a little announcement to make. I'm having a spring blog design sale over at my shop! Everything is 50% off, even the custom designs. The premade designs are now 7.50 USD, and the custom ones are $15 USD. I've been making and perfecting these blog designs this week and would love to see them to good use. The sale is only happening this month (April 2015). So without further adieu let me introduce these flower designs that have blossomed this season. :)

The Freesia Design now comes in the choice of three colors. You can either get the pink, blue or purple version. I added a watercolor look to it that I painted myself to make it colorful yet keep the simplicity of the design. I wanted to make a design that had more selections for those who may not be a big fan of a certain color.

I created the Acacia Design when I was itching for springtime this winter. I normally don't use yellow is blog designs since they can seem to be to bright or too light. However when making a spring-y design you simply have to add a sunshine yellow. I tried to get just the right amount of yellow throughout the design without it being to harsh on the eyes.

 The Magnolia Design is a elegant yet girly design. I have a lot of designs where the headers have a lot happening on them so I wanted to make this one a little more professional and simple.

Forget Me Not
The Forget Me Not Design has a very natural spring-y feel to it. I love the blueness of the flower and wanted to incorporate it into the design without it being to loud and bright. I also made the header graphic with watercolor backgrounds and created a digital paper graphic to go along with it.

English Garden
For those who want a blog design specifically made for them the English Garden Design is the way to go. You get a fully customized design. You get to pick the colors you want, the style you want, etc. Let me help you create the blog design of your dreams.

The Process
First things first. You need to plant your seed so that it will soon flourish into something amazing. That means you need to head on over to my "Order" page and fill out the form. It may seem like a small step, but it's the most important one of all.

Next I need to get to know you and your style better. The best way to do this is to create a Moodboard. It's pretty much where you pin stuff on Pinterest for inspiration. Then I can then understand your vision for your blog. We need to water and give your seed lots of sunshine so it will grow into a design that expresses who you are.

The third and final step, is for me to start designing your blog! I will create it with codes and graphics and make it something that you'll love! Your design will blossom into a blog you can be proud of.

With the English Garden Design you can have a...
Pin it button over images
Customized header
Customized favicon
An assortment of codes to design your blog's layout
A customized sidebar bio/image
A grab-it button
Customized post footer
Customized comment layout
Customized fonts
Optional features like: a slideshow, borders around different elements, customized columns,  widgets that shows your recent pins on Pinterest, customized search widget,  block quotes for book blogs, and even a customized "share this post" with icons on post footer.
If you order now, I'll make and install custom social media buttons for free!

The possibilities are truly endless. 

By the way, if you are buying you have to fill out some info (like where you live, etc) because the system I'm using is also used for people who want to sell items and ship them and that sort of thing. Since these are virtual goodies, I won't use or publicize any of the the information that you fill out.  I just wanted to clear up. :)

Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon. <3


  1. I just got a free template, but you make me want to get your custom one! I looked at your previous work and loved it! But let me think about what I want in my blog design first...

    1. Yay! I would so love to work with you! Thank you soo much, Hannah. <3

  2. Absolutely beautiful designs! Did you by and chance get the message I sent you a few days back? Just curious...

    1. Yeah and I messaged you back a little tutorial for you. <3

  3. Hi Eve, just wondering how you learnt how to create blog designs and do you have any tips and tricks to it? Lily xx

    1. Google has been my main source for coding know-how. After I learned the basics I created my own codes and graphic design art. I'd say that Beloved Bluebird ( has AMAZING (and easy) tips and codes for blog designing. I would totally start there and try out a few of her helpful codes so you can get used to them a little. <3

  4. I love the Magnolia one. ;)
    I'm just super impressed that you have the gumption and the creativity to start your own home business like that. I've been dreaming of doing something like this ever since I started blogging - but I've never got around to it because I'm a little intimidated. :)

    1. Thanks sooooooo much! It's such a compliment coming from you. You are REALLY good at designing and coding! Your current design is absolutely stunning! You leave me in awe, Bethany. :)

  5. I am no expert at HTML or CSS, I only figure out what looks pleasant and try to incorporate that into my own blog design. I don't think I am capable of creating blog designs for other people, but you are so talented and you put in so much effort to come up with these custom designs for others. :) Creating a shared group Pinterest board is definitely a good idea to get to know the style of clients too! :)

    1. Thank you, Dian! Your blog design is so cute! I love it! <3

  6. Aw, these designs are BEAUTIFUL. I'm looking to get a new blog design soon...I'm just not sure yet!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I know exactly what you mean! I truly hope I can do one for you though. <3

  7. Those are beautiful! I'm definitely thinking about ordering from you.
    I'm curious-do you design WordPress blogs, too? Or just Blogger?:)

    1. Thank you! Yay!!! I only do blogger blogs at this time. :)

    2. Ok, that's what I figured. I was just thinking about my mom's blog. :)
      I am definitely considering ordering from you; I just need a bit more time to make up my mind. Glad it's only the beginning of April. :)
      Happy Easter and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and following it!

  8. Hey there,

    I've always wanted to design something, be it a blog or anything yet I'm am clueless of where to start. Your designs are really awesome! You're my inspiration for web designs! And a cool blog you have here!