Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Baby Blue Sky and Big Brown Eyes

The sky is a brilliant blue today. 
I get my camera and go outside.
As I rush out the door,
my little sister follows me
grabbing a camera of her own.
She wants to be just like me.
We walk around our yard
taking pictures left and right.
After a while I ask her,
Could I take some pictures of you?
She smiles,
letting me see the small gap 
of a tooth she has lost,
and says,
and she puts her camera down. 
I begin to snap away. 
She smiles and giggles at the camera,
chattering all the while.
Her big brown eyes sparkle
as they reflect off the warm sunshine.
Like chocolate melting in the summertime.
Her hair dances and twists
in the cool wind
as the sun beats against her light brown locks,
making her hair the color of golden honey.

{I'm not sure if this is really a poem or not but it's just a sweet moment that happened today. :) }


  1. Aw, man! This is so cute. ^.^ I wish there would be no snow (if there's no snow, then might as well label it mushy summer, as my friends and I call it, and be good). The only interesting thing was I revealed to my class I did taeknwondo when I was much younger, and now, it's scary because all of the juniors and seniors, who hate freshmen, are talking to me and I'm just like, "... Huh?"

    xoxo Morning

    1. Aw, thanks! I keep on thinking my town is going to get some snow but it seems to keep on getting sunnier and warmer. Which is really strange because normally the winter is pretty harsh here.
      Haha! ;D You're hilarious, Morning!

  2. This is so beautiful, Eve! I love how you captured this memory that you had with your sister :)

  3. This is the sweetest thing! You captured it perfectly :) xoxo

  4. That was beautiful! Your little sister is so adorable! I just love the lighting you got on your photos, they are so cheerful!

  5. The best poems are the ones we aren't sure are poetry at all. <3

    This is so lovely, and your little sister is adorable!


  6. lovely! Poems that don't seem like poems are my absolute favorite. Your little sister is beautiful (:

    1. Thank you! Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks. :)

  7. This makes me wish I had a little sister...

  8. I agree with Lorraina about the poem. :) And aren't little sisters the best? I have a little five year old one. <3

    1. Thank you! I know right! I have three little sisters. They are so fun, but on some occasions they really get on my nerves. ;)

  9. Awww! Beautiful pictures and words, Eve!!!

  10. Your sister is so cute. As always your pictures are amazing. I think this was the sweetest post I've read so far.

  11. Aww, your sister is so adorable <3 She's so lucky to have an amazing big sister like you :) Some of the phrases in that poem were really poetic though, good job :) Hehe, I am not really having a memorable time here though.. evvvvverybody is sick. Like literally, the flu's been going around, and it's not fun, let me put like that. Your winter seems to go be going pretty amazing :D

    1. Thanks, Autumn! I know what you mean. Even though the weather is getting warmer here, the flu/cold has been spreading like wild fire. I have horrid cold right now, and I've been feeling completely miserable because of it. Hopefully this awful flu/cold will stop spreading so quickly.
      Other than being sick, this winter has actually been surprisingly more enjoyable than I expected. :) I hope you all will feel better soon!

  12. Your sister is absolutely adorable! I love how you put the post into poem format.

  13. Thats a beautiful poem! I love it! Oh, I don't know if I told you, but I finished The Help last month! It was wonderful and I am so glad you recommended it in one of your posts! <3

    1. Thanks! Yay!! It's sooo good, isn't it!?! :D
      It's definitely one of my favorites! I'm so glad you liked it too. <3

  14. I love how you can articulate the moment! The pictures are great too! Love and hugs!

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    -Guinea Pig Lover from

  16. Oh, beautiful post!
    I nominated you for an award! ;) Enjoy!