Monday, September 8, 2014

A Summer's Farewell

~Summer will be gone before we know it~
 ~Autumn will soon take its place~

Yesterday, I took a walk on a little path out in a field. It was a little cloudy out, yet the sun would peek through the clouds occasionally. Everything looked especially green as I walked on the path. The blank sky seemed to make the grass and trees more vibrant. It was as if summer was saying its last farewell to me. It was showing its true beauty before it faded away. There was a cool breeze that made the weeds back and forth, at such a gentle, steady pace. I thought I would share some photos I took, as well as a small video to truly capture it.

^Green, green, green!^

^Autumn is beginning to show.^

^There's something so dainty about the picture above. The flowers look so elegant and fragile.^

^I loved the yellow in this pic.^

^To me, this truly captures how the summertime is slowly transitioning into autumn.^

What I will miss about summer:
~Swimming pools~
~Free time~
~Ice cream~
~Longer days~


  1. Nice post. Beautiful photos! I love the area you live in:)

  2. Your pictures are so nice! May I ask what type of camera you have?

    1. Thank you Bess! How kind of you to say! I use a Kodak easyshare C1450. It's not like a big professional camera or anything. It's just a little digital camera. I also love Picmonkey to edit my photos. :)

    2. I use picmonkey too! It is so nice:) Do you have the Royale?

  3. You are an amazing photographer/photo-editor! I <3 looking at your blog!