Monday, August 25, 2014

The Winner of the Writing Contest Is...

I have read all your stories and poems over and over again. They were all so good, but of course there can only be one winner. So,  it is time to announce the winner of writing contest. Who will it be...

*drum roll*
*the crowd is silence from the anticipation*
the winner of the contest,
Brittany from Daughter of the King!
*confetti falls from the ceiling*
*peppy music starts to play loudly*
Her story had me on the edge of my seat!
 (By the way, Brittany I would love it if you could send me any other chapters you might make in the future, I would love to read them!)

Want to read it for yourself? Here it is! (Please take note that this belongs to Brittany so do not steal any content from her entry)
I looked up at the clouds gathering in the sky and frowned- rain again. It seemed that all it did was rain and it put a dull, dark damper on Devinport. “Hazel!” I called out, “I think we should head home. It’s going to rain…again. And it’s getting dark anyway.”
Hazel’s head popped up from a berry bush a few feet ahead of me, “oh come on Kendra! Just a few minutes longer! I just got to load this basket full!” She said lifting her half full basket of berries up, her little eyes sparkled and her smile spread out from ear to ear.
I smiled down at her. She had the most beautiful smile and it always crept into my heart and filled it up with warmth.
“I know; I know! But we must head home. Didn’t you hear about that boy who got struck by lightning? They said they just found him laying there; hair stuck up a foot high and his clothes charred right off him!” I said with a smirk, “We couldn’t let this beautiful braid just get ruined like that now can we?” I said fingering her silky hair.
She giggled, “Oh Kendra. You with your tall tales!”
“Well we really can’t stay Hazel. Momma wouldn’t want us out here in this storm.”
Hazel rolled her eyes, “It hasn’t even started raining yet-“She said but was interrupted by a sudden outburst of drizzling rain.
I laughed at her shocked expression, “Come on now! I’ll race you to the cottage! Last one there is a rotten cabbage!”
Hazel giggled, “It’s a rotten egg!” She corrected.
I snorted, “I was trying to rhyme! Respect my choice of words. Besides rotten cabbages smell worse!” And then I took off on a run to the cottage, Hazel close at my heels.
  A sudden feeling of caution entered my heart when we neared the village. It was quiet but in the distance I could hear noises- angry voices. I could hear Hazel’s nearing footsteps and heavy breaths behind me. “Hold up!” I whispered to her putting out my hand to stop her.
“What’s wrong? It’s raining harder. I’m already soaked! We need to hurry up and get to the cottage.”
“Something’s wrong.” I whispered.
“What?” Hazel said this time fear creeping into her voice. I turned around and grabbed her by the shoulders, “I’m sure it’s nothing serious.” I said with a smile on my face, “I’m sure it’s nothing; but I need to make sure! Okay!?!”
Hazel’s eyes met mine, “Okay.” She said.
 “All right. Now stay with me and do what I say…and be quiet.” I let go of her and started in the direction for our cottage which was also the direction the sound was coming from. Before I stepped three feet Hazel grabbed the back of my cloak, “Kendra.” She whispered.
 “Yes?” I whispered back keeping my eyes ahead of me.
“Promise me…promise me you won’t leave me.”
I swirled around, “Of course not!” I said quietly, “I’d never leave you.”
“Always and forever.” I said with a smile. She smiled her beautiful smile back at me.
We began walking forward-towards the voices. We didn’t make it far when we heard a scream. And then the whole village came alive. People ran down the dirt streets in alarm- screaming. Sounds of fighting sounded in the distance. We couldn’t see much; the rain pounding down around us. But the noises-the screams were awful. Hazel cried out in alarm from behind me and grabbed my hand. Her eyes were as big as saucers filled with fear. My heart squeezed and I looked ahead at the shadows scurrying through the streets. I took a few steps forward and tried to listen to what the people were shouting. I listened and I heard. It was only one word they screamed but it sent shivers through every bone of my body. My legs went numb with fear. One word.

Congrats Brittany! Your button will be up on my sidebar for a month! Whoop, whoop!
I also believed that another entry deserved second place!
Chloe from The Secret Ghost Caller.
The dreams floating in our mind.
As we lay our head down every night.
The outside world is tuned out.
Leaving our dreams to scream and shout.
The colorful things we wish for.
Because in our dreams we can have anything our hearts adore.
And though when we wake up you may have nothing.
When your dreaming you can everything you could ever think.
And the twinkling stars.
That light up the black night that seems to sallow the sky that you can see from here to mars.
You have to remember you'll have your dream.
When you fall asleep.
Every time you want to go into slumber.
Your always have that secret number.
Of your dreams.
No matter what it seems.
Wasn't that wonderful?!!?!
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  1. AHHH! I won =D I'm so excited! Thank you so much Eve; this means the world to me :)

  2. Congrats Brittney! :) Loved your entry. Eve-did you get your new site for free? Just wondering. :)

  3. Congrats! That is an amazing story Brittney. I love it and I have to say, Hazel is my favorite character. Eve, if it wasn't too much trouble, can you check out my blog, thank you so so much!

  4. Eve, I nominated u 4 the LG award.

  5. Congrats Brittney. Thanks for holding this contest, it was so much fun!

  6. That was lovely!
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  7. I loved that story! Congrats Brittney! :)
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  9. Congrats Brittney! That was so, so, good! Great detail :) So was Chloe's!
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