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Chapter 5: A Fire's Night Tale | Introduction to the Characters

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Chapter 5
 A Fire's Night Tale

~The sky was as black as a raven's feather~ 
~Stars glimmered across the ocean of sky~

They sat around the opened fire that Oran had made. It had been a long day. They had walked and walked until they couldn't take another step. The night's cold air made chills run up their spines. Edana hadn't said much. Her eyes seemed to speak more than her mouth. You could see the fire dance in her cool gray eyes. She had eyes beyond her years. They were big, sad, tired eyes. 

Clara got out some dried meat and hard biscuits for them to eat out of her backpack. They ate silently in the darkness as the fire glow painted them with an orange light. Edana fell asleep on the ground when they were done eating. Clara lied a wool blanket on her as the orange cat lied down by the girl. Suddenly they heard something rustling in the bushes. Oran's eyes grew wide and he picked up a large stick, as if that would protect them all. He slowly walked over to where the noise was. The silence was so loud they could hear it ringing in their ears. All of a sudden a person shot out of the bushes. Oran tightened his grip on the stick and gave the man a hard whack in the arm.

"Hey!" the man said with a grunt.

"Now why would you hit your own brother?" he said with a smile even through the pain.

Oran's eyes grew wider than before. He looked away awkwardly.

"Asher?" Oran said with surprise.
"How in the world.."

Hey, it's okay. I'll tell you everything." Asher said.
but right now, I'm starving!" he said as he rubbed his arm.

He sat down with the rest of them and warmed himself by the fire. He ate some of the meat and bread like a rabid animal. Gulping down the food as if it was going to disappear from his grasp. After not saying anything for several minutes he looked and Clara then Oran in a confused way.

"Is this..?" Asher started to say.

"Yes, it's her." Oran said.

"Wow, it's so nice to finally meet the one who will.. well it's nice to meet you I mean." Asher said. 

The two brothers were very different. In looks as well as personality. Oran was pale and had black curls that rested on his head. He was always serious like he was holding the weight of the world. His brother was tanner than Oran and had  sandy brown hair to his shoulders. Asher had a contagious laugh and was always smiling and joking around.

"It's nice to meet you too." Clara said trying to keep her voice steady.

"Who's she?" Asher said when he saw Edana lying on ground asleep.

"That's a girl we found in a village burning. Her name is Edana. She really hasn't said much yet." Oran said to his brother.

"Oh. Well I guess I could tell you how I got here now." Asher said with a mischievous smile.

Oran and Clara waited for his story to start as their eyes glistened with curiosity.

"I was captured by The Darkness as you know, Oran. They wanted to know where you were, Clara. You see, in all the legends and prophecies, a child would be born of light and would hold the power to save the lost ones from The Darkness. They weren't too happy when I said I wouldn't tell them a thing. They beat me and made me do hard labor.

"There were some days I could barley stand. But I knew it was important to keep you safe. I stayed there for two years, two very long years. I finally found a way to get out. The guards stood outside the prison where I was. The prison bars were new and shiny. I knew I would never have a chance cutting through those. One guard who watched the prisoners inside the prison made friends with me.

"You see, he never chose to be of The Darkness. He actually was a prisoner once. Once he proved himself worthy to serve The Darkness, he tried to help us out. At night I would whisper to him stories about the child of light and how there had been many signs of it coming. He was fascinated by it. Finally we made a plan for my escape.

"One night when even the moon's light could not be seen, he told me to run for it. I told him it was too risky and asked what he would tell The Darkness. He told me that he would tell them that he had killed me for trying to escape the prison. It still was risky but he knew it was the only way. I am indebted to him. I wandered around the forest for what seems like forever. But something inside of me guided me in the right path away from danger. I don't know what it was but it saved my life."

Whenever he told him this he seemed to paint it out for them. Motioning his hands in different positions trying to make the the story come to life. It was captivating, almost like a dance.

"I'm so glad your back!" Oran said with (for the first time) happiness in his voice.

"I am too." Asher said with a smile.

After they had talked for a while they decided to go to bed. Asher and Oran were on one side of the fire and Clara and Edana were on the other. As she lied on the ground she could hear the faint whispers from the other side of fire.

"I can't believe she's finally awake. I doubt she knows the power she holds." Asher said.

"I know she'll discover them soon enough." Oran said. His lips tightened and his eyes looked away. As if he had something else to say.

"What is it Oran? I know your holding something back." Asher said with a slight smile of understanding.

"Well, you know the little girl who is with us, Edana? There's something I haven't told you about that village burning. Asher, She was dead. She had no heart beat.

I told Clara just to leave Edana, but she didn't. She had pulled her out a of the piles of burnt woods. She threw those wooden blanks like they were twigs. When she found out she was dead she fell to her knees and started crying. Her tears fell on Edana. Edana started gasping for air and she was alive, Asher. Alive. She is more powerful than we imagined. She has the strength of a 100 men and can control life and death."

After saying this Oran's face was a mixture of fear and excitement.

"Asher looked at him flabbergasted.

"You're right." Asher said. "She is more powerful than we could have ever known."

Clara was frightened. She didn't know what to do. She tried to clear her mind by looking up at the painted black sky and the diamonds that stood encrusted in it.

She tried to forget what the brothers had said, 
but the powerful words replayed over and over again inside her mind.

Character Introduction


Name Meaning: bright, famous

Clara is a girl who has a big heart and notices things that no one else sees. She is more powerful than she thinks. Fear is mostly the main thing that holds her back. She is quiet at times but can speak her mind when it's needed.

Blue eyes, brown hair, sorta pale,


Name Meaning: pale

Oran is a mystrerous 17 year old who is helping Clara through her journey. Even though he may seem cold and sad, there is much more to him then it may seem.

Dark curly hair, pale, green eyes,


Name Meaning: fire

Edana is a little girl that was found in a village burning caused by The Darkness.
She has no family, no friends, and no place to call home. She has endured a lot for one so young.

Fiery red hair, gray eyes, thin, pale,

Eoin Macken, Sir Guaine :D
Name Meaning: happy one

Asher is brave and strong and is one of those people who has a sense of humor. He is always easy to get along with and has a leader personality.

Facial hair, brown eyes, tannish, sandy brown hair,


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