Monday, May 19, 2014

Tutorial: Make Your Own Photo Art For Free

Today, I'm going to show you how to transform your photo for free.
I will be showing you how to make a mystical, artsy photo.
I transformed this tutorial from what I'm used to doing because 
I wanted this to be something that was free for everyone. 
No membership required!

Before you start, head over to PicMonkey and click on Edit so you can pick out your photo.
 First you need to go to basic edits and lighten the picture by going to Exposure and adjust the brightness setting.
Now we are ready to begin.

Go to Touch up and select Blush Boost. This is how were going to make everything pale and more mystical.
Click on the rainbow tab>>>adjust color to white>>>paint the photo>>>adjust by fading>>>apply

Now it's time for the eyes. P.S. You can always scroll in with your mouse to zoom in.
Go to Lip Tint>>>select color>>>paint eye area>>>adjust intensity>>>apply

Now it's time for the hair color.
Lip Tint>>>pick color>>>paint over hair>>>adjust intensity>>>apply

Now for the lips.
Zoom in with scroll on mouse.
Lip Tint>>>pick color>>>paint over lips>>>adjust intensity>>> apply

Almost done! Now it's time to add the blush.
Go to Blush Boot>>>add blush to cheeks>>>adjust the fade>>>apply

Now for the wings. Click here to find where I found mine.
Go to Overlays>>>click Your Own>>>choose a picture>>>erase the part you don't want

Go to effects and add something that compliments your photo.
I chose Tranquil.
  All done!!
 Is there anything else you all would be interested in? 
Such as blog design tips, photo editing, etc.?


  1. Oh wow! That is really neat! I have never seen anything like that. :) Hmm.. Maybe you could do a post on how to make the arrows that you have on the bottom of your blog, or how to make Favicons that aren't square!!! Just a couple ideas. :)
    In Jesus' name,
    Sarah Margaret♥

  2. Wow...this is a really nice tutorial..I love PicMonkey and will definitely have to try this sometime :) Thank you for sharing!


  3. Wow, I'll have to try that! Your sister is so cute :) :)
    Thanks for sharing! :)
    -Anna <3

  4. Ok I'm definitely going to try one of these this weekend!

    I got your comment on my blog about your title, and I would say to pick two of your favorite things and have that be your title. Example: If you liked kittens and teacups your blog title could be "Kittens & Teacups." I just think that when you do that it still sounds classy, but it's more unique and personal because there's a story behind it. I hope this helps!

    Brooke Jordan

    1. Thanks Brooke! I really like your idea. :) Thanks a bunch! Oh and I'm thinking about starting a new blog. (I will still be active on this one)