Friday, March 14, 2014

Liebster Award

So I know I've posted a lot today, but I just keep on finding more things to post! My friend Melody invited me to do these questions for the Liebster Award. Our friend Marissa came up with all these fun questions. Feel free to join in!

                                                                  Marissa questions

1. What's your style?
I love clothes that comfy! I also like the vintage look. Like floral shirt and sweaters. I love to wear converse as well!

2. Favorite Season?

3. Favorite child-hood toy?
  My little baby doll that looked like a newborn 

4. What Disney princess are you most like?
     Hmmmm.... That's a hard one. I'd probably be Belle.

5. If you could name this little girl, who would you name her?
Suzanna. Zuzu for short.(like from It's a Wonderful Life)

6. Favorite breed of dog?
 Probably a Yorkshire Terrier. They're so little, and cute and look like they have mustaches!

7. If you could live in one of these three houses, which one would you live in: 
-Cottage by the Sea
-White farmhouse surrounded by cornfields
-Brick mansion on an estate?
White farmhouse surrounded by cornfields!

8. Dream Car

I don't really care much about cars. I think it would be cool if I could have one of those vintage cars from the 20s/30s.

9. Which of these jobs would you pick?
Fashion Designer in Paris
Famous Writer/painter in England?
 Famous Writer/painter in England
10. Do you wear hats?
Not really, unless it's cold outside 
                                                           I nominate:
                                     and who ever else who would like to join in!

P.S. If you have already done this, you don't have to do it again but are welcomed to. If you just don't want to, then that's totally fine. :)

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