Thursday, March 27, 2014

3 Awesome Photo Editing Websites

So this evening, I've decided to share some lovely photo editing sites that I have used and are free! :D
These are all awesome sites that I have found this year and really make my photos look a lot more professional without having an expensive camera. The picture below is unedited, and I will be using it to show you the effects of each photo editing sites.
This site has a lot of effects and really makes your photos pop! They even have a setting where you can make your photos look like a drawing or painting.  Probably the first one of the three photos is my favorite. I love how it makes the color of my sister's bow and the flowers on her shirt bright and everything else looks faded.

2. BeFunky
 I love how this photo editing site can make photos look old fashion. It has a ton of effects, but I normally just like using the old photo effect. You can even add scratches and such to make it look even more old.

This site is so awesome! There are so many amazing effects on here.  To me this one is most natural out of the three sites. The effects just make a photo look like you took a really good picture. You can also make a header on this site (I might do a post on that later if you want me too).

So there you have it! Three amazing photo editing website that you can try out! Any thoughts? If you want, you can comment on which effect is your favorite.


  1. Oooh! Im so gonna try those sites out. Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Nice! I hadn't heard of two of those! Thanks so much for sharing!

    (P.S When I asked Ashley over at her blog here: ( if I could re-design your blog, she said that you'd asked her already! I had no idea you liked designing blogs!) :) How many have you designed and which ones? Speaking of which...if you ever want a new design...I'd be happy to do one for you!) :)

    1. Whoops! Meant design HER blog! :P

    2. Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :D

      Yeah I started design blogs not too long ago. I started trying out stuff with my own blog and really enjoyed it. My sister wanted me start a blog for her and design it. So that was the first design that I've ever done other than my own. I've also designed Life as a Child of God, and I am in the process of designing Natasha's blog as well as Ashley's. I am thinking about starting a design blog soon. :) Oh and here are the links of the blogs I've designed or am in the process of doing so.
      P.S. If I ever want a new design I'll let you know! :) I always like having a change to my blog.

    3. Whoop! I put my sisters blog on there two times! I meant this: