Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nail Design Tutorial

Hi! I am going to do a nail tutorial this evening. All you'll  need is two colors of nail polish,( any color is fine) and a dotting tool. If you don't have a dotting tool, you can also use a tooth pick or you can straighten out a bobby pin, and use one of the ends. For a more professional look, a dotting tool would be best. If you look on Amazon, there are several to choose from. I just chose the cheapest. I think for  six dotting tools it was under a dollar. So now let's get started!   The first step is to paint your nails with the color you have chosen as the base. You may want to do two coats if it is thin. Then wait for them to dry.  The second step is to use your dotting tool. Put some drops of nail polish on a piece of paper or napkin. Dip your dotting tool into some of the nail polish, and start making little dots on all your nails. Wait for them to dry and seal with a clear top coat. Then you are all done! :)      

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