Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Glimpse of Spring

The dust once settled on the top of my bones falls away into the icy shadows I leave behind. This day dances swiftly across the winter and gives me a glimpse of warmth and sunshine. After a full days work of teaching and learning, I long to be outdoors. To be filled with scents of fresh soil and something sweet in the air. The weather has risen from ice-coated houses that once seemed frozen for years. The sun spills unsteady light as it warms my pale skin and awakens my tired soul. The wind pulls me into my backyard as my body surrenders. Nature had once seemed so dead and dormant but it is now alive, it begins to thaw as it catches its breath. The pine trees sway with excitement as the dance of spring continues.  My heart was asleep in the corner of my chest, numb from hurt feelings, but now it beats wildly with sheer joy. I laugh at the ridiculous and wonderful fact that it is only February, snow was on the ground a few days ago, and now I have a day drenched in sunlight as the breeze tangles through my tresses. I am alive, I am awake. I welcome this season of life with outstretched arms and an opened mind even though this beautiful day is only a snippet of what is to come.  Although today will not last forever and winter will return, this day is a promise, that even when it feels bitter and cold, the warm days are coming to cascade colors of blue and green that will fill the gray skies and will paint the barren ground and nature will dance once again. And I will be there, waiting to request an encore as I watch its symphony of movement and light perform as if it is welcoming the season of growth and inviting me to dance along.