Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thin Skinned

her skin was thin as wax paper,
pain soaked through her blue veins
and entered her heart,
filled her lungs
corrupted her mind
and made her bones shake.
she was a beautiful, fragile disaster
but people could only see the brokenness
and weakness
in her cold eyes,
but they didn’t see how she cradled
broken nests in the corners of her bones,
they didn’t see how she hid the broken bits of herself
in the shadows of her lungs
so that each time she breathed
her pain could be
made into oxygen
for the flowers to grow,
or how her ribcage
held all the frightened creatures
no one saw
her body was home for
the fragile,
the broken,
the weak,
and in her they found strength
they earned courage.
but people didn't see
that she was strong
even without thick skin
because she was able to let more life
into her heart.
she felt emotions
that others could only fathom of
but they didn’t see
that she was the strongest of them all
wearing the skin that could never
be callused by society's standards.


  1. From the picture to the beautifully dark words, your writing is something else. I feel for her.