Thursday, June 22, 2017

"I dressed in golden light and tucked sunbeams in my hair. "

"The waves roll over the shore to wash down the things of yesterday."
~Cally (Brin Lael)


i. it tastes like
bright orange sherbet
sticky watermelon
juicy corn on the cob
marinaded chicken on the grill

ii. it smells like
chlorine in crowded pools
smeared-on sunscreen
a gentle sweetness in the air

iii. it feels like
the coolness of a creek
the nostalgia of summers that have passed me by
hot sun drying the world with its heat
the salty ocean breeze that tangles my hair

iv. it looks like
fireworks surprising the black sky with color
my footprints in the sand trailing behind me
the blinking fireflies that I watch when the day is done

v. it sounds like
the loud buzz of bees
wind chimes at grandmother's home
large waves crashing onto golden sand
crickets' music lulling me to sleep


  1. These photos and matched quotes from Addy and Cally's blog are just... brava. I'm glad to see you posting regularly, Eve! I've missed you and the blogging world has been kind of absent without you.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah (yup, I underwent a name change!) | ups & downs

  2. Wow. Absolutely stunning post (& beautiful photos as well). It reminds me of everything I miss about summertime. :)

  3. Such a beautiful, calming, and enjoyable post <3


  4. These photos have such a quiet beauty and they make me happy. Thanks for sharing. <3

  5. WHAT? I DIDN'T COMMENT WHEN I SAW THIS FIRST? the highest of shame upon me. i am always honored when you mention me, sweet eve. and my best friend too. *laughs brightly* also i adore these lists so i'm gonna steal your idea and throw it right back at you right now. so many loves.

    i. it tastes like
    cold grapes in the middle of hot days
    smooth chilling chocolate ice cream
    frozen bananas and heavy cream

    ii. it smells like
    campfire and smores
    sunkissed hair and wet towels
    morning breeze

    iii. it feels like
    old summers knocking on my door
    hope all smeared onto my face
    hot feet in the middle of the night

    iv. it looks like
    aching orange laughing sky
    the sweetest smiles i've ever beheld
    morning eyes and late mornings

    v. it sounds like
    our voices in the middle of the mountains
    crackling sweet sounds over the phone
    laughing in the distance

    ALRIGHT THAT WAS A WILD RIDE ON MY HEART. but it was good and reminded me of Christ and his goodness. always love your posts, eve. x