Sunday, July 12, 2015

Vacation Part 2: Gatlinburg

Hey guys! So this evening I'm sharing the second part of my vacation with you all. :)
After going to North Carolina we headed over to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I absolutely loved it there! The scenery was so breathtaking and peaceful and the downtown area had so many fun activities and such delicious food. 

Oh. my. goodness. Look at my youngest sister's face! Not sure why she's making such a frightfully happy expression but it's pretty adorable.

Found this little guy hiding behind a rock. He was such a darling salamander. 

Here's the video! Don't forget to watch in HD!
p.s. When you see the sunset clip watch for a jumping fish. After watching the video I finally noticed that I accidentally captured a fish jumping in the waves. :)

Summer of 2015 from Eve S on Vimeo.

Sorry if this post has more photos than words, but it has been such a draining, dramatic day and honestly I'm just plain worn out. Hopefully the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" lives up to its meaning. But don't worry, I'll be posting a lot more often since I have some new ideas for posts! 

Thanks for being awesome as always!


  1. I love Tennessee! My heart will always be there<3 I lived in TN for a year, and the whole time I adored it! Your pictures really make me "home sick". Even though I didn't grow up there I will always consider it my dream home! I want to go back some day. My family lived in Knoxville and we went to Gatlinburg a few times to go hiking. Your photos really captured how beautiful Tennessee is<3

  2. I love this and the pictures (the video isn't working for me for some reason)! I've always wanted to go to a "hick" state. My grandparents are from Pennsylvania, as are their siblings, so whenever they all come out to California I always hear how beautiful all these places are.
    I can't wait to photography my own vacation now. I may be going to Alaska, which will be so exciting. <3
    p.s. (Your family is goals)

  3. Seriously, every time I look at your blog, your photography just keeps getting better and better. You have an amazing gift :)

  4. Your photos are amazing!
    What kind of camera do you use?

  5. Your photography just keeps on getting better and better! <3 I adored your video. It was so relaxing and peaceful! It makes me want to experiment with my camera more.
    ~ Sanjana

  6. your photography is so goals <3 and so is your videography :)

  7. I LOVE GALTINBURG! We went there for spring break this year! God's creation is just SO evident around that area, especially in the mountains! Love that you shared these beautiful pictures with us, and as always, your sisters are adorable!

  8. i am fascinated by mountains. and everything, everything you shoot turns to gold. your posts always make me feel good :)

  9. Hi Eve,
    I love all your pictures. The are really sweet. Keep up the good work!!! I love reading your blog!
    -caroline @

    PS. Your sisters are adorable ♥

  10. Your photography is actual goals. I got a DSLR this past January and I love it, but I'm definitely not as good as you are. Thanks for posting!


  11. Beautiful photos!

    I am having a summer photo contest over at my blog! you can check it out here:

    -Elly <3