Sunday, December 7, 2014

Aspiring Blogger 03: Rachelle

This week, I got the chance to interview Rachelle from Beloved Bluebird. Her blog was one of the first blogs I found when I first started blogging. She is such an inspiration to me, and I was so excited when she agreed to be interviewed. I hope you all enjoy this interview. :)
​Hello Rachelle! Could you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
Hello! I am fourteen years old and live in Washington State. I homeschool so that I can have more time to focus on what and who I love. Jesus is my all - I would be hopelessly lost without Him. During many early mornings and quiet afternoons, you can find me writing my blog, Beloved Bluebird. My little nook of the internet has been filled with my adventures, faith, creations, and ponderings for over two years now.

What or who inspired you to start a blog?
Back in 2012, my mom and I ran a small online magazine sort of website for my friends. We updated it once a month with crafts and many other features, but I wasn't passionate about it. Shortly after, I switched over to a blog and it eventually grew into a personal/lifestyle blog. I can't pinpoint any certain inspiration to start it, it just sort of came to be.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
Along my journey I've made so many friends and have fallen in love with countless blogs. A few that I take much inspiration from are Deer Circus, Oana Befort, and Field Notes.
What are some of your hobbies?
Oh goodness, I have too many hobbies to keep track of! Simply put, I enjoy anything and everything related to creating + admiring all different forms of art. Adventuring, writing poetry & novels, making short films, watercolour painting, acting, and reading are all things that I love dearly.

On your FAQ page you mentioned that you enjoy acting. Can you tell us your favorite play you've been in so far?
Ah, yes! I do love acting in theater as an occasional hobby. Each play is so unique, from the cast to the experience, but I have to say that my favorite was Peter Pan the musical. My little brother and I both performed in it, and we made quite the collection of splendid memories during rehearsals and performances. There was a great deal of dancing and singing, and a very sizable yet close cast.

What are some of your favorite things about blogging?
It is a blessing to have the opportunity to share what I am passionate about with others. As well as that, I love connecting with other people similar to me all over the world.
The photography on your blog is stunning! Do you have any advice for people who want to improve their photography?
Why, thank you! Personally, I think that a good photo is a compilation of good lighting (typically daylight), an artistic angle (I prefer mostly straight-on shots, leaving a bit of space at the top or side of the picture), and editing. A photo can have the first two aspects, but when you edit the photo well it makes it complete. I often use Photoshop or another editing program to adjust the light, and I also love to use VSCOcam (iPhone app) to give my photos a certain style. However, how you take and edit your photos is all up to you. Never be afraid to try something new or do something differently.

What's the story behind your blog's name?
When I was a little girl, my mom would sing "bluebird, bluebird, through my window" to me when she woke me up in the morning. Because of that (and also my fascination with whistling as a baby), 'Bluebird' became one of my nicknames. When trying to decide on a new blog name, I thought that beloved was a wonderful word for expressing how I am in God's eyes. I paired it with my nickname and thus Beloved Bluebird was born!
As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?
A great many things! When I was four or five, I wanted to be a children's nurse. However, in Kindergarten and first grade I decided upon becoming a teacher one day. Then when I was eight years old, I spontaneously began writing a short story to enter into American Girl Magazine's story contest. I ended up getting an honorable mention in the magazine, and couldn't stop writing after that. Today, I still dream of being a published author one day.

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?
Yes, I have one tip that I believe to be the most important piece of advice I can give. Be you! It's completely alright to take inspiration from other bloggers, but it is crucial to remember that you were made unique and it should be reflected in your blog. Don't try to be a copy of others. Share what you love, and do what you love.

Thank you dearly for having me, Eve! It has been a pleasure.


  1. I loved this interview<3 -Bethany!

  2. oh i love her and her blog!!! i was SOOO excited to see this post, and then read it. great answers, and good job with asking great questions.
    lovely series, thank you for doing this!!

    1. IKR! Her blog is amazing! Thank you, Abigail! :)

  3. What a great interview! Loved reading it :)

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