Wednesday, November 5, 2014

An Unappreciated Beauty

It's early morning.
Outside everything looks wet and dreary.
I pull on my rubber boots,
slide into my jacket,
and quietly creep out the door to my backyard.
When I'm out, 
I can see that Winter has slowly been taking over the colorful Autumn I once loved.
The sun is hidden behind the white sky.
Forlornly searching for a way out of the cloudy maze.
A blanket of leaves lays flat and crinkly on the ground as they crunch beneath my boots.
Their once vibrant colors and soft texture transformed into a crumby brown.
The wind beats against my cheeks
 making them pink from the cold air.
I stop and stare at an almost bare tree.
One last leaf clutches its small stem to the branch,
but the icy wind is merciless,
 and the leaf slowly falls into the arms of its friends
who have been patiently waiting for the leaf to join them.
I sit on an old tire swing,
just thinking.
This weather is perfect for it.
In the summer,
the humid, hot air hazes my mind,
 but in the winter, the cold refreshes it.
When the wind slices through me,
I feel as if my mind is cleared and
 leaving room for new scopes of the imagination.

~Summer, Spring, and Autumn seem to always be the most beloved seasons.~
The most beautiful.
But Winter has an unappreciated beauty.
Winter makes even death look beautiful.
The skeleton of trees, and the elegant snow, 
the flurries that I try to catch on my tongue,
all silently brilliant.
all breathtakingly beautiful.
all lovely
 in a solemn way.


  1. You are an incredibly talented writer, Eve...I am literally in awe of you right now. :)

  2. I've nominated you:

  3. Wow! That poem was inspired! I loved it.

  4. This is beautiful. I'm in awe right now, Eve. X
    - June

  5. I nominated you for an award!

  6. oh my goodness, i know what you mean. i love all seasons, but winter... wow, winter is just it. i love how you wrote about cold air refreshing the mind. when i read that i was literally like "YES".
    lovely writing and pictures.

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  7. That. was. beautiful. I love your writing, Eve! :-)

  8. Oh man. This is so lovely! You are such a brilliant poet. "Winter makes even death look beautiful." AHH.