Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yay! It's St. Patrick's Day!  When we think about St. Patrick's Day we sometimes think of luck (not sure why).  I thought I could list 10 things that I'm lucky to have. Anyone else can try this too for St. Patrick's Day.

1. I'm lucky to have an awesome family
2. I'm lucky to have a roof over my head
3. I'm lucky to have good friends
4. I'm lucky to live in a free country
5. I'm lucky to have Jesus
6. I'm lucky to have a camera(sorry that's kind of random)
7. I'm lucky to be able to share my faith
8. I'm lucky to have good food for every meal
9. I'm lucky to have clean water
10. I'm lucky to have good health

What are you fortunate to have?
Here's a little random, dancing leprechaun! ;)

 Who was Saint Patrick?
No he was not a little leprechaun with a long red beard, he was just a normal guy. His father was a deacon yet St. Patrick was never very interested in religion, until it seems his world turned upside down. When St. Patrick was 16, he was kidnapped and enslaved by Irish pirates. Through all the pain and suffering he began to pray to God and became closer to him.  Later he had a vision of the children of Ireland reaching out their hands to him. He knew that God was calling him to help the Irish people. After six years of slavery in Ireland, he was finally able to escape. He later returned to Ireland and was a missionary there.

Why are shamrocks such a big deal on St. Patrick's Day?
It is said that St. Patrick used three-leaved clovers as an symbol to the people in Ireland. It showed that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were three of one.
Learn more interesting facts for St. Patrick's day:
 P.S. A "leprechaun" visited us this morning. He left a trail of skittles for my little sisters to follow.
They absolutely loved it! Here are some pictures of our little adventure this St. Patrick's Day. :)

A letter from the "leprechaun". ;)
It looks like he got into some mischief!

Looks like he was drinking some of our apple juice

 I love Ireland

Once the skittle trail ended we found some chocolate gold coins!
Mini muffins

Random picture of my St. Patrick themed nails


  1. Oh my goodness your nails look so pretty! It looks like your St. Patrick's Day was very eventful ;) I love all 10 of the things your picked that you were lucky for. I'm lucky for all those things as well!
    Brooke Jordan

    P.S. About the question you left on my blog, I have a Nikon d3200. I just got it in January and I really love it! Here is a link to it at BestBuy (it's on sale right now);jsessionid=4AAD873420B4CBA51E6C2C916C7BDE24.bbolsp-app04-123?id=1218642249528&skuId=5192349&st=nikon%20d3200&cp=1&lp=1

    1. Thanks Brooke! Oh and yes it was! ;) Thank you for the link!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Love your post! :D