Saturday, February 22, 2014

Which Bennet Sister Are You?

Hey! I thought I would share a personality quiz with you all. You can find out which Bennet sister you are most like from "Pride and Prejudice." Have fun! Tell me what sister you got and what you think! :)
1. What do you like to do in your spare time?
a. read and play the piano
b. Spend time with friends and family
c. Visit shops
d. spend time outdoors

2. You are walking outside,and it suddenly starts raining. What do you do?
a. head back home
b. get out your umbrella
c. run for shelter. You don't want to ruin your new dress
d. Stay outside. A little rain never hurt anyone
e. Whatever your sister does

3. Your friends say you are...?
a. quiet and smart
b. Caring and kind
c. A flirt
d. Witty yet sensible
e. gossipy and more of a follower

4. What dress color would you wear?
a. Classic black
b. Pastel blue
c. Bright pink
d. Elegant white
e. Sunflower yellow

5.  You notice someone who is being bullied at school. What do you do?
a. Do nothing
b. Tell a teacher
c. It's not my problem
d. Stand up to the bully
e. Wait for someone else to do something

6. What is your idea of a perfect day?
a. Sitting at home and reading alone
b. Visiting some friends
c. Going to shops
d. Taking a walk on a sunny, spring day
e. Gossip with friends over tea

7. Is money important to you?
a. I need money to live
b. As long as I have enough.
c.  Of course! The more money the better!
d. Not to much and not to little
e. Yes!! I could buy what ever I wanted!

8. What are your views on falling in love?
a. I like the idea of having a husband one day but it seems unlikely  for me
b. Sometimes you should use your head rather than your heart.
c. Could never live with out it!
d.I believe that love should not be rushed. 
e. I have no idea about that

9. Which man would you marry?
a. A man who is intelligent and musical
b. Someone who will make me laugh and is always kind
c. As long as there good looking then I don't care
d. A man who is a bit of a mystery but is kind and loyal once you get to know him
e. I'm not ready to get married!

10. What is one of your pet peeves?
a. When I don't feel appreciated
b. When someone you thought you knew turns out to not be who you thought they were
c. When people tell me I'm too dramatic
d. When I judge people harshly and they turn out to be nice
e. When I am stuck in my sister's shadow

 Mostly As-

You are Mary
Mary is quiet and enjoys the piano. She tries vey hard to be intelligent even though she has no skill for it. She is more of a loner and sometimes is a show-off.

Mostly Bs

You are Jane
Jane is a sweet, beauty young woman who is the eldest of the sisters. Unlike her younger sisters she doesn't share her emotions because she doesn't want to burden anyone else.  She always speaks kindly of everyone and is the perfect person to come to for advice.

Mostly Cs
You are Lydia
Lydia is the youngest and is very flirty and silly. She can sometimes be rebellious and is spoiled because she is her mothers favorite.

Mostly Ds
You are Lizzie
Lizzie is a sensible and witty young woman and is the second oldest. She sometimes judges others to quickly and later regrets it. She enjoys the outdoors, as well as talking with her father.

Mostly Es
You are Kitty!
Kitty is the fourth sister and seems to always follow Lydia wherever she goes.  Like Lydia she can be a bit flirty and immature at times. Although she can be dramatic, she always seems to add a little more adventure to the day.

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