Monday, January 13, 2014


Hey! I thought that we could talk about modesty. 

   Some may say it's lame, but I believe it is a virtue that should be cherished. Modesty isn't just about covering up more, it's about feeling secure as you are. You don't have to wear long sleeves and long skirts to be modest. You can still be modest and fashionable. I also believe that modesty is respectful to men.

    Let's say that a girl walks into class wearing a very low top and shorty shorts. The guys in the room don't see the real her, what they see is her body. The guys don't want to get to know her because she's like all the other girls. It's almost like immodesty cheapens the look of a person. Now lets say a modestly dressed girl enters the classroom. Guys are not looking at her body, instead they want to get to know her. 

   I think it can also make it awkward for guys when a girl is dressed immodestly. It could be hard for a guy to have a conversation with a girl if she dresses immodestly. Just like I said before, it would be hard to see the real girl because her body is not covered. Some people may think that girls who dress modestly are insecure with themselves. Truth is, girls who dress modestly don't need low cut tops and short shorts to make them feel beautiful. They know that beauty comes within. Here is a quote I saw one time online. "Modesty is the way you deal with beauty not the way you avoid it"

    I also think that judging those who are not modest is wrong. The truth is we really don't know about their past or the way they were raised. Some girls think that there's nothing wrong with low cut tops and such.  It's our job to be an example for girls and show them that it's okay to not follow the crowd. What are your thoughts on modesty? If you would like to share just comment below.  
I hope you all have an awesome day! :)


  1. Very good post! I would just add, too, that God doesn't always convict us all exactly the same way. For some girls, they are convicted that skirts shorter than ankle-length are immodest for them, while for myself, I consider skirts that are knee-length modest. That doesn't mean that either they or I are wrong. Everyone should listen to God and be convinced for themselves what is right. =)

    1. Hi Lizzie! I totally agree with you! Everyone has their own way of being modest. Thank you for your comment! :)

  2. I believe that modesty is how a girl feels about her body and the way she acts, not how much she covers up. In public places, I agree with a standard set in place so PEOPLE (not just girls) don't go walking around equally. I also believe that no matter how much you wear (again, besides a super tight miniskirt and a string bikini in, like, a mall), as long as you wear it for you and not for some guy, then it's okay.

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