Saturday, October 26, 2013

First Post!

So for my first post I will be doing a book review.  The book is called Torn Threads and is by Anne Isaacs.

 This story is true. It is about Jewish girl named Eva and her sister named Rachel. It takes place in 1943 and for four years the Nazi armies have been there in their Polish town in Bedzin. But when Rachel is taken to a work camp, Eva needs to go too to help her weak sister before it's to late. But when she gets there, nothing is as it seems. They treat them like slaves or animals. Eva is forced to spin thread on dangerous machines to make uniforms and blankets for the German army. Many of the women at the camp think God as abandoned them. but through the horror of the Holocaust Eva and Rachel still try to seek God guidance. I know it doesn't sound like the happiest or funniest story but it makes you understand the pain and the struggle they went through.  But also the hope they held on to. This is an amazing true story that I hope you like too.

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  1. Wow, that sounds amazing. I'm glad that you are able to appreciate books that aren't funny all the time. People now days are so into laughing that they forget about the pain and struggle in the world-- and they forget about the little things in life that can make them smile. I don't know why but I'm really intrugued by WW2 stuff (maybe my brother rubbed off on me... who knows ^.^). I hope I can find this book and read it soon!


    p.s. I know I'm late on commenting... I just couldn't help myself ;)