Saturday, October 26, 2013

 Hey! Here is a poem I wrote. :) It is called Tree of Womanhood. Enjoy!

A girl starts out a sapling,

With every breeze she twist and bends,

In the way her parents direct her in,

She becomes more rigid as she grows,

She withstands the worlds wind,

When grown she will not bend,

As spring comes birds build in her a nest,

In her strength they calmly rest,

Each branch is like a mother’s arm,

Holding them in storms to keep them safe from harm,

Warmer and longer become the day,

When summer begins children run and play,

She shades them from the hot sun,

And before she knows it autumn has begun,

Her colorful leaves begin to fall again and again,

Like a blanket covering the dry grass from the harsh wind,

Winter comes and the snow will slowly fall,

Her trunk is a warm home to creatures one and all,

The tree is not young now, but she is old,

The kindness that she spent on others is worth more than gold.

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